Saturday, August 07, 2010

Vrat recipe - Simple Potato and Tomato Curry for Shravan Month

Morning when i woke up i could hear the raindrops ,i know it rains here whole year but this month is special one as this month is the holy month of Savan also known as Shravan Mahina  which is dedicated to Lord Shiva ,,this month reminds me of the carefree childhood days,the mela which we used to go every year known as Gudia Mela,heena paste which dadi used to prepare for us,smell of pakodis with tea and so many other things ,now sitting back in Singapore i have to just close my eyes and thik of such days,,and i am left with a smile on my face .I started fasting for Sawan Somvar Vrat when i was in college,and this is something which i do now also :-)

Last monday prepared this simple potato tomato curry which goes well with Kuttu Poori or Samak rice ,recipe is already blogged here ,,,
This simple curry is off for Show me your curry hosted by Divya of Dilse ,thats all frens cee you soon happy blogging and happy weekend ahead,..