Monday, November 16, 2009

Dinner of stir fried veggies and wok fried chicken drumsticks

Its not always that I am alone at home ,but today I was and with Advay sleeping in the evening  and hunger pangs in stomach i had to cook something for myself,I chopped some veggies stir fried them, roasted chicken drumstick on wok and enjoyed the meal alone,I didn’t knew what I was preparaing,I didn’t had any recipe in my mind it was just this and that from here  and there with no idea what the recipe would turn into,.
So here goes the recipe of Rosemary flavoured Chicken Drumstick with stir fried veggies,..
Ingredient needed for the stir fried veggies
Spring onion one
Green chili one
Onion one
Mushroom four
Baby corn three
Salt and pepper as per taste
Olive oil half tsp
Lemon juice half tsp
Kashmiri masala a pinch
Heat oil in non stick wok
Once oil is hot lower the flame and all the veggies together
Sprinkle salt and peppaer  followed by the kashmiri masala and lemon juice.
Lower the flame and let it simmer for a minute or two.
Serve hot with the fried chicken drumstick.
Ingredient needed for the Rosemary flavoured chicken drumstick
Chicken drumstick one
Olive oil half tsp
Salt as per taste
Red chili powder a pinch
Lemon juice half tsp
Garlic clove two
Ginger chopped a pinch
Pinch of dried rosemary
Heat half tsp of oil in non stick wok
Lower the flame and fry chicken drumstick
Sprinkle salt, red chili powder,rosemary,ginger and garlic
Mix well and cover and cook
Add few drops of water if it starts sticking.
Check for tenderness  and serve hot with the warm veggies.

I wont say that I was really happy with the preparation but I liked the meal as it was prepared real fast and with less ingredients,not spicy though bit bland but I guess sometime we need to eat food prepared this way don’t u guys think so,..and ya it did satisfied my hunger pang,so I wont mind trying this again with some other ingredients what ever I find in my pantry or fridge ,whenever I am alone at home and need to curb  my hunger pang,.ceeu guys hope u had fantastic weekend ,mine went attending class,and studying,..Enjoy the week ahead cee u all soon.,.,;-)