Saturday, February 21, 2009

Healthy paya soup and Vegetable idli,..enjoy,..

Have heard lot about Paya Soup ,so one cold evening thought of giving it a try,Paya soup is good for health  specially if taken during winters
recipe source from here 
another recipe of Paya soup which looks interesting is this one
Shaheen of mallu spice too has shared paya soup and also medicinal benefits, time i prepare i gonna try her version,..:-)
Healthy Paya Soup is off for SWC soup event started by Lakshmi of Cooking Station and this month hosted by Neha of Tasty recipes .
Sharmila and Indrani both posted Vegetable idli together,..inspired from both of them i tried making vegetable idli 
with readymade idli batter which is readily available in Delhi market,i just had carrots in my fridge so its better to call them Carrot Idli.
These healthy idlis
are off for MBP  kids food  event hosted by Trupti and started by Cofee of the Spice Cafe.
 I keep gifting things to myself and it is always something related to kitchen ya i was not like this before ,i used to indulge more on clothes,accessories,shoes,bags but now i am always on lookout for good cook books,utensils,..and the list goes on,..this 14th feb i bought these two books for myself,i really liked the first book a lotz as it gives detailed description for baking all kind of Bread,other book is meant specially for garnishing and i got garnishing tools with the book,..:-)

Thats all friends,..will be back soon,..happy weekend nd bloggin,..:-) and ya thanks a ton for sending such yummy entries for the event Cook and  Create with Luv for LUV...i will be back with the round up soon,..:-)