Monday, May 31, 2010

Its about friends,food,and so many other things

I know i just disappeared from blogosphere,..sorry folks missed you all lotz, amidst packing and getting emotional about relocating from Delhi i had to rush to Jaipur to attend my friends wedding ,got to meet my friends after four years,some things in life dont change with time just like friendship,..guys i gonna miss you all lotz,..:-(
Had to take Advay to Chowki Dhani ,he truly enjoyed bioscope,puppet show,camel ride,elephant ride and so many other things, now i am back in delhi ,busy with packing ,and  so many other things, cre guys will catch up with you all soon,..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

spiced tava fried green chili from my moms kitchen

I know this is not the perfect time to share something like this, with weather getting harsher day by day and temperature soaring to 45 degree centigrade, we need rain desperately coming back to todays post this lunch platter has tava mirch,alloo tamatar sabji,dahi and chapati..
Recipe Name Tava Mirch
recipe source mother
green chili wash and slit,keep aside
for the filling
amchur powder haf tsp
salt as per taste
rye and saunf half tsp each
mix the filling mixture and fill in the green chili
heat mustard oil on tava
once hot lower the flame
and place the green chili on tava
keep turning with help of tong
serve warm with roti,sabji and dahi.
Thats all frens ,,,tk cre,...ceeu all soon...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saying Goodbye isnt easy ,..:-(

Last nite we went out for dinner , went to the restaurent with craving for South Indian Thali,but it wasnt there so setteled down for Rajasthani Thali,i gonna miss this a lotz,staying somehwere where we have to just cross the road to have a meal like this :-( who wont miss this,..enjoy the pic thali frens,,,cee u all soon,,wishing you all nice sunday, cre,,,and happy blogging,..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Guest Post by Patricia Harris on Type 2 Diabetes

Hello frens ,todays post is special one as its a guest post by Patricia Harris who blogs at Diabetic Menu blog,she shares in this post some info on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

If You Won't Prevent Type 2 diabetes Now, You'll certainly Hate Yourself Later

Diabetes type 2 is a very common form of diabetes. Lots of Americans appears to have been told they have diabetes type 2,and many more are unconscious they're at high risk. Some groups have a relatively higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes than others.
Diabetes type 2 is much more common in African Americans, Latinos, Indigenous Americans, and Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders, along with the older people.
In type 2 diabetes, either one's body doesn't produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin. Insulin is essential for the body to use glucose for energy. After you eat food, your body breaks down all the sugars and starches into glucose,that is the fundamental fuel for any cells in the body. Insulin takes the sugar from the blood to the cells. When glucose accumulates inside blood instead of going into cells, it can result in diabetes complications.
You could have the capability to enhance and protect your wellbeing. With proper nutrition and work out and making good life style choices (like not smoking), you'll be able to feel better, stronger, and healthier, and may decrease your risk of diseases like the cancer,diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
What is a Healthy Weight?
There's an easy way to discover if your current weight puts you in danger of developing serious diseases. Look at and take the Body Mass Index (BMI) test. The final results will help you decide if you need to give consideration to your weight.
The Better You Eat, Better You Feel
 Here are some basic guidelines to assist you and your family make healthier food decisions.
* Eat many vegatables and fruits.
* Choose whole grain foods over processed grain products.
Try brown rice rather than white. Substitute brown bread bread for white.
* Eat fish 2 รข€“ 3 times per week.
* Select leaner cuts of meat like those that end in "loin."
* Remove the skin from chicken and turkey.
* Eat low fat dairy
* Drink water and low calories non-carbonated beverages.
* Use liquid oils for cooking instead of solid fats.
* Cut back on junk food like chips, cookies, cakes, and regular frozen goodies.
Look for baked chips and reduced calorie snacks. Or have a bit of fruit instead.
* Be careful about your portion sizes. Even an excess of "healthy" food may cause an increase in weight.
* Compare labels of similar foods, then pick the one with smaller amounts of saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium.
* Adults should eat under 2400 mg. of sodium on a daily basis. If you have high blood pressure, you must aim for even less.
* Try adding herbs and spices in your own cooking to substitute for salt for enhancing flavor.
A bit Physical exercise Goes further
Anything that gets you up and moving is wonderful for you. Some tips about what it may do:
* Lower your risk of developing diabetes type 2 symptoms
* Reduce your risk of heart problems and stroke Lower hypertension and cholesterol
* Reduce blood glucose (sugar) levels if you have diabetes, which will reduce your risk of developing diabetes-related complications
* Relieve tension * Assist you to lose fat
* Offer you more energy
* Allow you to sleep better
* Build stronger bones and muscles
Its not necessary to go to a gym, play sports or use fancy equipment.
Certainly, it's best to consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine.
If you have Diabetes.
Eating healthy and staying active are much more important if you have diabetes.
Well-balanced meals may help keep your glucose (sugar) level as close to normal as possible.
Being active likewise helps you lower your blood glucose. If you increase your level of physical activity, you could probably take less insulin or diabetes pills. If you are very inactive, have heart disease or maybe a history of foot ulcers, consult your doctor about safe exercise for you.
Check your blood glucose before exercising. If it's under 100 mg/dl, eat some fruit, crackers or drink glass of milk or juice.
Check it again after exercising to know how your blood glucose responds to workout. Bring a snack if you will be active for some hour.
About the Author -Patricia Harris writes for the Diabetic Menu blog ,her personal hobby website focused on ways to eat healthy in order to avoid and manage diabetes.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aloo paratha tamatar chutney ke sath,,.

I have shared parathas recipe with subji,pickle,curd,jalebi and so many other things but forgot to share with you all the most yummy combo of Parathas with tamatar chutney,this sweet chutney is my favourite here goes the recipe of
Tamatar chutney
recipe source my mother
preparation time 10 mins
cooking time 15 to 20 mins
tomatoes 400gm
salt as per taste
grated ginger half tsp
red chili powder half tsp
jaggery 150gm
one fourth tsp cumins seeds
one fourth tsp fennel seeds
one fourth tsp fenugreek seeds
one fourth tsp onion seeds
dried red chili two to three
oil to cook
In a non stcik wok add one tbsp of oil
once the oil is hot lower the flame and add all the seeds and dried red chili
once they start spluttering add coarsely chopped tomatoes followed by grated ginger,salt and red chili powder
once the tomatoes are half done and jaggery and keep stirring on low flame till the mixture dries up.

Delhi is known for Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk which is known for all kind of Parathas Platter , this platter of paratha with tamatar chutney is my entry for the event celebrating delhi ka khana,
heres interesting post on Chandni Chowks Paranthe wali Gali
Pamela of eat and dust has shared some posts of street food of old delhi here
thats all frens,,u guys tk cre,.will catch up with u all soon ,,till thn happy blogging,..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fresh Fruits in Cheery Sauce

With temperature soaring by each passing day , i just dont feel like eating noon time,so these days my lunch is fresh fruits,today i prepared this bowl of fruits for myself ,and i truly enjoyed it to the last piece sharing with u all the recipe of
Fresh fruits in cherry sauce
Ingredient needed for the fresh fruits bowl
slice of mango chopped
handful of cherries deseeded and sliced
lychees deseeded and sliced
sugar a pinch
lemon juice half tsp
vodka one tbsp
In a mixing bowl mix the above ingredients together and keep in fridge to chill
For cherry sauce
crush handful of cherries and pass the pulp through sieve to get the sauce.
Before serving
place the fruits in a serving dish
top it with cherry sauce and half tsp of vodka

The above bowl of fresh fruits in cherry sauce is off for Thanda Mela hosted by Srivalli and to my own event which celebrates Delhi Food .
I goona miss mangoes a lotz in Singapore so these days i am feasting on this one almost everyday,thats all frens, cre and happy blogging

Momos Platter

I was introduced to momos
in lajpat nagar market of delhi,thanks to my sis Pallavi,i know which area is good for sweets,where to buy fresh veggies and fruits,whts famous in delhi haat and so many other things regarding Delhi and its food culture,..;-)and i knw there is lotz to be discovered,its like a never ending journey,,,coming back to todays post i gonna share with you guys recipe of Momo
recipe source my friend Pema
recipe name Chicken Momo
ingredient for filling
onion chopped one
ginger garlic paste one tbsp
chopped coriander leaves handful
minced chicken one cup
butter two tbsp
in a mixing bowl mix everything together
keep aside for sometime
add salt before making momo
for the crust
all purpose flour one cup
knead the dough and keep aside
once the filling is prepared
roll out small circles as shown in the pic
fill in the mixture and join the two ends together
for detailed recipe check here
since i dont have the tratditional momo steamer,we steamed the momos in idli steamer :-)
some momos were fried too,..
for the red chutney
one dried red chili, few coriander leaves and salt,blend in a blender
serve momos with chutney and soup.
This post is my third entry for the event celebrating Delhi Ka Khana ,as momos are the most post popular street food of Delhi,,,:-) 
thats all guys ,,cee u all

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sita Ram Diwan Chands Chola Curry from Pamelas space

Tried Chana recipe of Sita Ram Diwan Chand from Pamelas space ,followed the same recipe,didnt add fried potatoes ,
enjoyed chola with plain roti,dahi and ,sweet mango pickle
do hop in at eat and dust for recipe of chana bhatura with pickled carrot,..;-)
Thanks a lotz Pamela for sharing such yummy recipes,...:-)
Did some changes to this curry to suit my taste,this curry is my second entry for blog bites adaptation 3 hosted by Nupur of One Hot Stove
this is my second entry for the event celebrating delhi cuisine/delhi ka khana
cee u all soon, cre,,,:-)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Thali with bengali curry and missi roti

Tried Pathar Mangshor Jhol from bongcookbook substituted mutton with chicken and rui macher jhol from Kichu khon  i omitted the use of veggies here ,paired this with missi roti ,wok fried lemon pepper chciken drumstick and mint mango chutney.Thanks a ton for sharing such yummy recipes frens,meal was yum,..all thanks to u guys,..
for wok fried lemon pepper chicken
in a mixing bowl mix lemom pepper with crushed ginger and garlic,sprinkle half tsp of olive oil
rub the mix on chicken drum stick and keep aside
in a wok add one tsp of oil and slow cook chicken till its done.
for missi roti
recipe source cookbook
recipe category indian bread
ingredient needed
one cup gram flour
one cup whole wheat flour
two tbsp oil or ghee
one tbsp kasoori methi
pinch of asafoetida
pinch of turmeric powder
half tsp cumin seeds,salt and red chili powder.
mix all the ingredients
add enough water to make a dough of rolling consistency
cover and keep aside for half an hour
make equal sized balls
roll each ball into chapati ,but thicker than usual chapati
cook on a hot tava from both sides

Nupur of one hot stove is on with Blog bites 3 theme this month is Adaptation,Pathar Mangshor Jhol and Rui Macher Jhol are off for her event .
Missi roti is my first entry for the event on my blog Celebrating Delhi Cuisine or to be more precise Delhi ka Khana .,..;-)
tk cre frens,,cee u all soon,,,.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Some of my special posts,...;-)

I still remember my last post from Singapore dated 13th october 2008 with mixed feelings i wrote that post,it was hard for me but not that difficult ,but now when the countdown has started to leave delhi and move back to Sinagpore i am pretty depressed ,i cant describe in words how sad i am ,last one and a half year will always remain special for me  ,,,sharing with you all some of the memorable moments and my special posts

My first post from delhi dated 20th november 2008 which has kadai paneer,doi begun,jeera murgh and mangalorean chicken curry.
Dastkar exhibition at Delhi haat dated 1st december 2008
Advays first day at play school dated 9th december 2008
kitchen therapy post of dhaba style matar paneer just because advay slept that noon ;-)
dated 16th december 2008
kitchen experiment tangy and spicy chola dated 4th febuary 2009
sweet vodka bites and spicy jackfruit curry dated 27th febuary 2009
Advay in mowgli attire dated 8th march 2009
village memories with horha and kuchni dated 16th march 2009
this one is for the sudden craving for teekha chicken curry dated 17th march 2009
a tear and a smile dated 28th april 2009
bhowri platter dated 1st may 2009
lotus seed pudding dated 24th may 2009
how can i forget this :-) dated 8th june 2009
thank god i have company dated 3rd nov 2009
this is what loneliness can do dated 15th nov 2009
my little helper in kitchen dated 26th nov 2009
from my mother kitchen Nimona dated 25th jan 2010
surajkund mela dated 15th feb 2010

This month i will be publishing posts related to Delhi, reason being very simple i am in luv with this city ,
post can be anything e related to food and delhi ,i will publish the roundup by the first week of june ,if u guys wanna join me please mail me your post with the pic at, and dont forget to   link it back to this post,
thats all guys tk cre cee u all soon,..

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

MEC - Kids Party Food roundup

Thanks a ton frens,for sending such yummy entries for the event MEC kids party food and making it a great success,thanks again Srivalli for giving me the opportunity to host this month edition
To start the round up  we have triflavoured pandan,coconut and chocolate burfi from Sanjanas space
Aruna of veggie paradise has joined in with beetroot halwa
talking of burfi and halwa how can we forget kheer theres one to try from veggie platter pineapple and almond kheer
theres triple treat cupcake in icecream cones ,jelly fruit cake and chilled agar agar jelly from Premas space
Yamini of vegefoodie has joined in with delicious looking kalakand and chocolate cake
for candy lovers theres instant palgova to try from panchamrutham
party without nutty carrot halwa is incomplete and it comes with eggless marble cake from ushas space
Priya joins in with two exotic entries Chocolate peda and strawberry kheer 
 Niloufer of Kitchen samraj has joined in with bowl of caramel popcorn
Sowmya of creative saga has joined in with fat free dahi wada 
and last my entry for the event lemon sponge cake
Thats all frens,enjoy the delicacies,cee you all soon,..;)