Friday, April 09, 2010

Chili tofu with veg noodles

Its hot like hell here in delhi and power outage has become very frequent ,so i am not thinking of baking anything...these days we are eating more of light food ,Pema my friend prepared Tofu chili and Veg noodles,for veg noodles i specially asked her to prepare  as whenever i prepare i am disappointed as the noodles dont mix well with the veggies.
for Chili Tofu
recipe source Pema my friend
200gm firm tofu cubed
onion cubed two
green chili sliced three
garlic clove minced six
ginger minced one inch
tomato one cubed
salt as per taste
turmeric powder a pinch
oil to cook one tsp
tomato sauce one tbsp
soya sauce half tsp
green chili sauce one tsp
coriander leaves chopped one tsp
Shallow fry tofu and keep aside
Heat oil in wok and fry onion and garlic,
once half done add capsicuma nd green chili and further fry for few mins
add tomatoes,salt and turmeric powder and mix everything together
once the tomatoes are done add soya ,chili and tomato sauce
followed by tofu.
For Gravy
Mix cornflour with water 
add to the above mix and let it simmer for few minutes .
For noodles
she told me wash the noodles in running water once they are boiled .
Chili Tofu is off for My legume love affair event hosted this month by Ruchikacooks and started by Susan of the well seasoned cook .
Thats all friends,,,happy weekend ahead,..