Thursday, July 18, 2013

whats gonna be in tiffin tomorrow ?

Me - "what should i give you in the lunchbox paratha or pori?"
Advay -"Mummy why you give me paratha everyday ?"
Me -"but you dont eat rice ?"
Advay -" I will eat rice with peanuts ,or peas or vegetables "
Me-" you mean Lemon rice?"
Advay - "ya ,Advaith gets it,"
Me - "okay will give one day rice and one day paratha "
this was the conversation we had when I asked him what he wants to take for tifffin a day before,so now I am doing the same and ya he is eating rice thanks to his friends.:-)
sharing with you  tiffin meal /lunch box recipes

Poori with aachar
Roti with Matar Aloo sabzi,salad and fried cashews
Chena Paratha recipe blogged here 
Palak paratha with fried sausage recipe blogged here 
egg roll recipe blogged here 
and the final one :-)
Lemon rice recipe blogged here 
Thats all friends ,wish you all happy day
take care and happy blogging