Monday, June 21, 2010

Chicken liver and potato curry with Wadi Pulao

Life is not the same anymore,i am missing my sisters,parents and India,,,,;-( ( guys do u hear me )
Back here in Singapore it was quiet chaotic in the beginning ,didnt had any clue what to cook during the initial days,tried cauliflower with wadis which hubby really liked and egg curry which was pretty bad,i blamed it to the new utensils,different spice powder ,new kitchen,and to so many othe things,then gradually with time i got hold of things and now can cook properly btw the the new tava is quiet heavy,,,;-( ( cribbings i knw )
so morning to evening i am a busy woman these days and in between i have to run after Advay too which is the most difficult part and he keeps asking me when we are gng back to the green ghar i guess its more difficult for him.

Coming back to todays post sharing with you all simple recipe of Wadi Pulao and Chicken Liver curry with potato
Wadi Pulao
Cooked rice
wadi handful
tomato one chopped
green chili chopped
clove three
black cardamom two
salt as per taste
oil to cook
turmeric powder half tsp
corinader powder half tsp
Heat oil in non stick wok
add cardamom and clove
once it starts spluttering add chopped tomato and green chili
keep frying once the tomatoes turn mushy add salt,turmeric powder and coriander powder
followed by the wadis
once the wadis are cooked mix the cooked rice and serve hot.
For Potato and Chicken Liver Curry
chicken liver 200gm
boiled potato cubed
tomato one cubed
onion one sliced
green chili chopped two
clove two
asafoetida pinch
red chili powder one tsp
salt as per taste
oil to cook
heat one tbsp oil in non stick wok
once hot lower the flame and  add asafoetida and clove
followed by onion and green chili
keep stirring till onions are almost done add chicken liver and tomato
followed by salt and red chili powder
add water and let it simmer for a minute
add cubed potato and cover and cook for 10 to 15 mins.
for onion raita - beat curd and keep aside,add chopped onion and salt to the curd,temper with mustard seeds and dried red chili.
thats all guys,will catch up with you all soon,sharing with you all a glimpse of whats coming next,,,,;-)