Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cooking for Advay - pea rice topped with baked beans

I guess the most satisfying thing for a mother is that  her kid eats properly ,most of the time Advay eats on his own ,but there are times when i have to spoon feed him,when he doesnt like something ,to make food more appealing to him i prepared this platter for him,thanks to Smita of little food junction for the inspiration ,do check her blog her blog is full of creative ideas for kids food
inspired from Smithas blog i prepared this platter for him today

For Pea Rice
Ingredient needed
Cooked rice half cup
two tbsp pea
pinch of salt
ghee one tsp
tomato ketchup half tsp
baked bean to top
In a non stick wok add ghee
lower the flame and add peas
stir fry for two minutes
add cooked rice,salt and ketchup
mix everything together and remove from flame.
With the help of moulds shape out the desired shape
i have used circle and semicircle
arrange on plate top with baked beans.
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Thats all frens ,wish you all happy week ahead,..