Monday, November 30, 2009

quick fix meal - rice with veggies

Bowl of leftover rice,few veggies ,dash of salt and pepper,pinch of dried chives and few drops of olive oil thats how i prepared this Veggie fried rice,these days i am not giving much time to cooking because of my exams,:-( thats the sad part thats why my posts are flooded since past few days with quick fix meal specially when i am alone  in the kitchen cant help ....

Coming to this recipeof Veggie Rice
Ingredient needed
Leftover rice one bowl
mushroom 3-4 chopped
brussel sprout two chopped
cabbage chopped handful
olive oil half tsp
salt and pepper as per taste
dried chives a pinch

heat oil in non stick wok
lower the flame
add the veggies followed by salt and pepper
stir fry till the veggies are tender
add left over rice,mix well,followed by addition of chives
Serve hot .
These days while studying i like to munch on these

Nimkis prepared by my mother with Chai specially evening time ,
Easy Craft of simple indian food is on with WYF -Tea time snack,Nimki with tea goes to her event

 Enjoy the week frens btw whats ur favourite tea time snack,..??

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mutton curry with fish fry and my little helper in kitchen,..:-)

Got a chance to cook again yesterday and this time i had helper in the kitchen guys i am talking about Advay my son,luv for cooking is in his blood i guess because whenver i am in kitchen he follows me there with his cane stool so that he can reach till the platform , i told him to pluck soya leaves which he readily did,u guys can see how engrossed he is,he didnt realised when i clicked his pic;-)

Coming to todays post i prepared Mutton Curry and Fried Surmai for dinner
Ingredient needed
250gm mutton pieces
garlic cloves six chopped
onion three chopped
dried red chili three
bay leaves two crushed
cinnamon stick one
soya leaves handful
curd half cup
oil to cook
salt as per taste
heat oil in non stick wok
once hot lower the flame and add red chili,bay leaves and cinnamon stick
followed by mutton pieces and soya leaves
keep stirring till the mutton is semo cooked
now add chopped onion and crushed garlic
cover and cook on low flame
till oil is seen along the sides
add curd mix well and cover and cook
or to save time pressure cook till the meat is tender
serve hot with rice.

Fish fry
ingredient needed
goan curry powder one tbsp
surmai fish fillets 250gm
salt as per taste
mustard oil
gramflour/besan one tbsp
crushed garlic cloves 2-3
semolina two tbs
rub the fish fillets with salt and turmeric keep aside
make batter with gramflour,curry powder,crushed garlic ,salt and two tbsp of water
In a non stick pan heat one tbsp of mustard oil
lower the flame
slide the fish fillets in the batter and place one by one on the pan
keep turning till the fillets are done.
serve hot as side dish,..

 enjoy the platter frens cee u all soon,...:-)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Goan Curry Powder and two dishes

Sometimes a little something adds magic to the dish we are cooking, I experimented with this little something for two dishes and was awed by the outcome.I know u all must be curious to know what this little something is ;-) guys I am talking about Goan Curry Powder which my sis had got from Goa.I tried fish curry and egg biryani and here goes the recipe

Ingredient needed for Pomfret in goan curry
Onion two chopped coarsely
Garlic  four cloves chopped coarsely
Coconut powder two tbsp
Tamarind one small ball
Garam masala powder one tsp
Salt as per taste
Mustard oil one tbsp
Pomfret one
Red chili powder half tsp
Goan fish curry powder one tbsp
Clean the fish and rub with salt adturmeric and keep aside
Run through the belnder onion,garlic,coconut powder and tamarind,keep aside
Heat mustard oil in non stick wok
Add the masala paste and stir for sometime on low flames,
add goan curry powder and fry for a minute or two
Add salt ,red chili powder and keep frying till oil is seen along the sides
Add the fish pieces one by one and fry further for few minutes
Add water as per need ,lower the flame and let it simmer for few minutes
Once done,sprinkle pinch of garam masala and serve hot with rice or roti.

I tried this magic powder again while preparing egg biryani ,and this is how I prepared

Ingredient needed
Boiled egg four
Cinnamon stick one
Star anise two
Black cardamom two
Onion two chopped coarsely
Garlic clove three chopped
Red chili two crushed
Ghee one tbsp
Salt as per taste
Tomato one chopped
Oil to cook
Rice one cup
Soak rice and keep aside
Shallow fry eggs in oil and sprinkle goan curry powder keep aside
Heat oil in non stick wok
Add cinnamon stick, star anise and black cardamom stir fry for a minute or two
Add chopped onion,chili and garlic and further fry for few minutes
Further add tomato,goan curry powder and keep frying till oil is seen along the sides
Add soaked rice ,  amount of water to cook the rice and cover and cook
Once half done add the fried eggs and let it simmer till the rice is done.
Serve hot with curd and poppadum with had with allo curry which I will post soon,..;-)

 enjoy the feast frens,will be back soon,cee u all guys, cre,..and fight the winter blues with these two winter delicacies we thoroughly enjoyed both,..;-)

Friday, November 20, 2009

warm posta halwa with some warm memories

Since past few months my mother was staying with us, somehow had got used to of her,I know it was difficult for her to stay here in delhi but still she compromised because of my training ,such is the love of mothers don’t you guys think so, the day she had to leave for hometown she prepared favourite delicacies for everyone, she prepared nimki and thekua for Advay , mathri for neha and Posta halwa for me ,whole day she spent in the kitchen preparing these delicacies.
Now whenever I open the fridge and reheat the halwa I am reminded of her and her unconditional love ,specially prepared for me I don’t get bored eating this delicacy again and again every evening and this one bowl of halwa gives me much warmth specially during cold evenings.
Recipe of Posta halwa is already blogged here.

Recipe of Nimki and Mathri can be found here,…
Recipe of Thekua is blogged here
Thanks ma we miss you lotz ,take care of yourself,..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Farfalle with herbed chicken ,...

Many a time we need to prepare something real fast ,something which is healthy ,tasty and yummy too,i asked Neha today noon whether she will have pasta for lunch,she readily agreed,out came all the ingredients from fridge,whatever was there,i saw few bulbs of spring onions,green chili thick one,soya leaves and chicken drumsticks.
As always i didnt had any recipe in my mind i chopped the veggies,kept the falafal for boiling,and on the other burner chicken drumsticks for boiling,if i had four burner stove i would have started frying the veggies too, goes the recipe for FARFALLE WITH FLAVOURED CHICKEN
ingredient needed for Farfalle with chicken flavoured with basil and fresh dill leaves

boil one cup of farfalle and drain and keep aside
boil chicken drumsticks,shred and keep aside.
Ingredient needed
Chicken drumsticks two boiled and shredded
boiled and drained farfalle one cup
onion one chopped
thick green chili one chopped
soya/dill leaves shredded handful
spring onion bulb chopped
salt as per taste
pepper as per taste
dried basil leaves a pinc
olive oil half tsp
tomato sauce one tsp
heat oil in non stick wok
add all the chopped veggies and stir fry for a minute or two
add shredded chicken followed by the dill leaves
keep frying on low flame till its done
add salt,pepper,dill leaves and basil
stir well,lower the flame and mix the drained farfalle
fry for a minute,remove from the flame and serve hot.

I prepared this in less than 30 minutes and liked the taste of chicken flavoured with basil and soya,..though this sounds weird i know,..anyways cee u all soon,..theres lot of plagiarism going around i hope u guys are aware,..;-(one of my pic is stolen too,..thanks to Sailaja who told me,..;-( i don know why people waste their energy stealing other people stuff and proudly dispalying it under their name i mean how can they be happy doing such mean things,..god only knows when such things end,..i hope to hear some good news soon,..till thn u guys take care,..:-)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dinner of stir fried veggies and wok fried chicken drumsticks

Its not always that I am alone at home ,but today I was and with Advay sleeping in the evening  and hunger pangs in stomach i had to cook something for myself,I chopped some veggies stir fried them, roasted chicken drumstick on wok and enjoyed the meal alone,I didn’t knew what I was preparaing,I didn’t had any recipe in my mind it was just this and that from here  and there with no idea what the recipe would turn into,.
So here goes the recipe of Rosemary flavoured Chicken Drumstick with stir fried veggies,..
Ingredient needed for the stir fried veggies
Spring onion one
Green chili one
Onion one
Mushroom four
Baby corn three
Salt and pepper as per taste
Olive oil half tsp
Lemon juice half tsp
Kashmiri masala a pinch
Heat oil in non stick wok
Once oil is hot lower the flame and all the veggies together
Sprinkle salt and peppaer  followed by the kashmiri masala and lemon juice.
Lower the flame and let it simmer for a minute or two.
Serve hot with the fried chicken drumstick.
Ingredient needed for the Rosemary flavoured chicken drumstick
Chicken drumstick one
Olive oil half tsp
Salt as per taste
Red chili powder a pinch
Lemon juice half tsp
Garlic clove two
Ginger chopped a pinch
Pinch of dried rosemary
Heat half tsp of oil in non stick wok
Lower the flame and fry chicken drumstick
Sprinkle salt, red chili powder,rosemary,ginger and garlic
Mix well and cover and cook
Add few drops of water if it starts sticking.
Check for tenderness  and serve hot with the warm veggies.

I wont say that I was really happy with the preparation but I liked the meal as it was prepared real fast and with less ingredients,not spicy though bit bland but I guess sometime we need to eat food prepared this way don’t u guys think so,..and ya it did satisfied my hunger pang,so I wont mind trying this again with some other ingredients what ever I find in my pantry or fridge ,whenever I am alone at home and need to curb  my hunger pang,.ceeu guys hope u had fantastic weekend ,mine went attending class,and studying,..Enjoy the week ahead cee u all soon.,.,;-)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another kitchen experiment of mine -Mutton Biryani in Vindallo paste

Today when I was waiting downstairs for Advay’s van

I could feel the cold breeze ,with no sun just clouds,bit drizzling now and then weather today was of any normal winter morning of Delhi, I was thinking what to prepare for lunch as weather was forcing me to have something hot and spicy, first thing first checked in freeze,there was some leftover amul cream, leftover Vindaloo  masala paste which my sister Pallavi had got from her Goa trip ,keeping these two ingredients in my mind I thought of preparing Mutton Biryani .Since both Neha and mother were out shopping and Advay in school i had just two hours to prepare the biryani since I was alone at home,so thought of giving surprise to neha,ya guys everyone in our home is foodie and we all luv home made food specially when it comes to non veg food  I prefer to cook at home as that ways hygiene is maintained and I can control what to add and what not.
Before I forget Many thanks to Kalyani and Key bunch team for sending over the handcrafted  cushions,docheck in Kalyanis  stuff here
 ,I got them today noon they look so bright and comforting don’t they ya that’s my study area during night when Advay

sleeps off;-),and ya i ahve to tell how i got them my comment was chosen for the Diwali Giveway Handmade Cushion Covers from Kye…Coming back to recipe this is how I  prepared
Mutton Biryani in Vindallo paste

Ingredient needed  for the Marination
Goat or lamb meat 250gm
Amul cream or fresh cream one tbsp
Goan vindaloo masala paste two tbsp.
Other ingredient for the mutton
Onion five chopped lengthwise
One whole garlic pod chopped
Ginger one inch chopped
Salt as per taste
Ghee two tbsp
Refined oil one tbsp
Khada masala/whole masala
Cumin seeds one tsp
Pepper corn eight
Bay leaves two
Dried red chili three
Star anise two
Black cardamom  three
Cinnamon stick one
For the rice
Rice one cup
Yellow food colour a pinch
Green Cardamom two.
Crush ginger garlic in hand mortar and pestle and keep aside
Mix cream and vindallo masala with meat and keep aside.
Boil rice with cardamom ,add yellow colour once done and mix well .Keep aside.

Heat ghee in non stick wok, once hot lower the flame and add the khada masalas.
Once they start spluttering add hand crushed ginger and garlic .
Followed by the chopped onions and keep frying till the onions start changing their colour.
Add refined oil if the onions start sticking to the vesseL.
Once the onions are done add the marinated mutton and cover and cook on low flame.
If needed add few drops of water and let it simmer for few minutes.
Once done remove from flame and mix with the prepared rice.
Serve hot with raita of choice and some papad,I enjoyed with cucumber tomato raita and fried potatoes.
Platter looks yum isn’t it,…I just hope Neha likes it,..;-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Perfect day with perfect meal of Tehri,grilled tomato chutney and pickled green chili

Perfect weather
Good Company
Cafeteria across the street
Feel good movie to watch
Comfort food at home
,,..this wasnt planned but with Neha my sis around plans can be made anytime, today finally we decided to watch   this movie called Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani,i was bit wary about the movie but still took the chance,i needed much needed break from books and thesis too, after sipping cofee at Barsita and some chit chat  

we headed straight foR the movie ,again something which makes u feel good,..decent love story in a small town ,loved all the numbers too of the movie and ya both Ranbir and Katrina share really good chemistry on screen,..;-)
Our lunch back home was of Tehri with char grilled tomato chutney,fresh curd and home made pickle of green chili.

Tehri is prepared quiet frquently at our place during winters,..enjoy the platter frens
i got this link while doing google search for Tehri,this blog called Its Indian Everyday by Dr.Nidhi Raizada
explains the difference between tehri,biryani and pulao.
,,.will update the place with pickle recipe soon as Sireesha is on Pickle and Chutney event.,..;-)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Winter Special Breakfast of Matar Ghugni with Mooli Parantha

Yesterday while going for my evening classes I was struck in traffic for some time ,I could see work going on everywhere for the approaching common wealth games in 2010 ,there’s broadening of road, several flyovers are being built, landscaping, better signage facilities, restoration of monuments and god knows so many other things,…I am amazed at the rate the work is going on, it’s on tremendous speed but then it has to because time left for games is less than a year. While pondering over all these work going on I thought what was government doing from the past few yrs, I mean just because there’s common wealth games approaching is that the reason to improve the facilities for us the common people better known as aam aadmi or to show off others that India is indeed developing. If we were not hosting games I guess Delhi would have been the same with no beautification or makeover this is totally different story that Delhi in itself is beautiful. This is a bitter truth that we INDIANS act only when we are forced to otherwise everything is fine for us. I feel so good and happy and very proudly tell everyone that by next year Delhi wont be same but at the same time sad too that the reason behind all this is Common wealth Games not the need of the people…..;-(

Coming back to todays post I am sharing another warm breakfast for winters Hara matar Ghugni with Mooli Parantha and Curd.Matar Ghugni is staple breakfast at our place specially during winters ,on Nehas demand mother prepared this today morning for breakfast,thanks Pallavi for reminding me to mention this,.;-)
For Mooli /Radish parantha –

Preparation for the filling
Wash , Scrub and Grate Radish and keep aside. Squeeze before using.
Mix salt as per taste , pinch of red chili powder, pinch of garam masala powder and carom seeds a pinch to the grated raddish.Mix well and keep aside.
Knead the dough and keep aside.
Divide the dough into small balls.
With the help of rolling pin shape out the small balls into thick chapattis.
Place the filling in the centre and shape into small ball.
Sprinkle few drops of oil on non stick tawa, and once the tawa is hot lower the flame and place the parantha and keep turning till it be becomes brown from both side.
Serve hot with curd and pickle ,we had with matar ghugni and curd.
For Matar Ghugni-

In gradient needed
Fresh green pea half cup ie approx 250 gm
One onion chopped
Green chili chopped one
Garlic clove chopped two
Ginger paste one tsp
Salt as per taste
Potato peeled and cubed one
Oil to cook
Coriander powder half tsp
Garam masala powder half tsp
Turmeric powder half tsp
Cumin seeds half tsp
Asafoetida a pinch

In a non stick wok add one tsp of oil
Once oil is hot add half tsp of cumin seeds and pinch of asafetida.
Once it starts spluttering add chopped onion, garlic, ginger and green chili.
Once the onions start changing colour add chopped potato , fresh green peas and sprinkle salt as per taste ,followed by coriander powder and turmeric powder
Stir well add few drops and cover and cook on low flame.
Once done check for tenderness and sprinkle garam masala and simmer for a minute.
Serve hot with parantha, or with warm toast both ways this tastes good.
Enjoy the platter frens, this platter is off to Meets space for the Monthly Mingle event the theme for this month is Brunch,..
and to Yasmeens space where she is on with Third edition of Health nut event the theme for this month is Healing food.
Hara matar Ghugni has ginger,garlic and turmeric powder so i guess prepared with these ingredients and in less oil Ghugni is indeed healing food.

some good reasons why Turmeric should be added in our diet-
Natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent
Reduces teh risk of Childhood Leukemia
Natural Liver detoxifier
Natural Painkiller
Helps in Weight Management.

Health benefit of Ginger
Reduces pain and inflammation
Helps in Heartburn Relief
Natural treatment fro relief from cold and cough
Prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy.

Health benefits of Garlic
Helps in the prevention of cold
prevention of heart disease
prevention of hypertension
prevention of infection.

Happy week ahead ,ceeu guys soon...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bachpan ki yad Ghugni ke sath

Kala chana ghughni with poori or parantha reminds me of the frequent Sunday brunch during our childhood days . Easy to prepare and good to taste this simple dish of black chickpeas tastes good with poori ,and the side dish are curd and pickle.I still remember how eagerly we used to wait for this particular breakfast. When on nehas demand mother prepared this I had to ask her  the recipe for two simple reasons reason one being I needed the recipe and the second reason I wanted to  share the  recipe with you guys,…so here goes the recipe of GHUGHNI up style,..:-) prepared in pressure cooker.

Ingredient needed
Soaked black chick pea one cup approx. 250gm
Onion three chopped
Garlic cloves chopped three
One tsp ginger
Green chili three
Cumin seeds one tsp
Asafetida pinch
Mustard oil one tbsp
Salt as per taste
Red chili powder a pinch
Turmeric powder half tsp
Coriander powder half tsp
Garam masala powder half tsp
Heat oil in the pressure cook .
Once hot add cumin seeds and asafetida and let them splutter for a minute
Add all the ingredients together stir fry for a minute or two till everything mixes well.
Once done add one cup of water and pressure cook till 2 to 3 whistles.
Check for tenderness and serve hot with Poori or Parantha.

Nandita of Saffron Trail has shared her version of Kala Chana curry here.
There one more version of black chickpeas from Food in the Main Blog.
Bongmom has shared bengali version of Ghugni here.

                Enjoy the platter frens, this week has been good with Neha around its more fun out here and ya she shares the same passion just like me of cooking ,today she prepared Punjabi style Rajma for lunch which was rerally yummy I guess my next post gonna be of Rajma,todays dinner gonna be of Chicken Kheema and parantha ya I know I am feasting out here.,…chalo tk care u all ce u guys soon,…have a happy week ahead,…

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Good old days are back again,...

Good old days are back again, ya guys my younger sis is back with bag and baggage from London, so now I wont be sighing  and feeling bad that I don’t have company ,I know  I can count on her for the monthly trip to the parlour, or can catch Friday night movie, go for coffee break and do so many other things,I guess sisters are the best gift god has given us isn’t it,…I prepared kheer for her the day she arrived,here goes the recipe
Ingredient needed- rice half cup, milk two cup, mithai mate three tbsp, saffron strands a pinch, cardamom two, ghee one tbsp,two tbsp coconut powder blanched almonds to garnish
Procedure- Heat ghee in non stick wok, add green cardamom, and the soaked rice fry for a minute or two, add milk and keep stirring on low flame once the milk boils add amul mithai mate, followed by saffron strands and coconut powder, let it simmer for 15 to 20 mins till the kheer thickens. Consistency can vary depending on ur need I usually like thick consistency.Once done remove from flame and serve garnished with blanched almonds.
cee u soon frens,..:-) tc