Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coconut Drops for Suyash,...and join in the guessin game,...

Days are going quiet fast this month,with so many activities and celebration time just flies away, is Pallavis fiances birthday,i thought of gifting him something prepared at home along with the gift coupons,since long i had wanted to prepare coconut macaroons ,so yesterday i thought of giving them a try but my sis was not happy with the shape,.:-( as macaroons are supposed to be dropped directly on the baking sheet with the help of spoon,..she told me to give them a shape,..i tried hard with rolling pin,..but failed then she shaped out the macaroons with the help of small cap,...once baked they looked more like Coconut drops,..this is how i prepared Coconut Macaroons which turned out to be coconut drops,..;-)
recipe source from my cake book
ingredient needed
40gm plain flour
1.5ml salt
225gm dessicated dry unsweetened coconut
170ml sweetened condensed milk
preheat the oven to 180 degreeC/350degreeF/Gas4
grease the baking sheet and keep aside
sift the flour and salt into a bowl and then stir in the coconut
pour in the condensed milk and mix stirring from the centre ,to form a thick mixture 
drop tablespoon of the mixture 2.5cm apart on the baking sheets,bake until golden brown for 20 minutes.
this is how they looked once done,..
This pic is taken after the packing
These crunchy Coconut drops go to my dear friend Lakshmis SWC Meal on Wheel event...they will be parceled soon ur way Lakshmi,...:-)
Yesterday our breakfast was of Thandai ,left over pav bun,plain omelet and red chili flavoured cheese
which i got from Cafe Amigos which is a German bakery in Manali near Mall road, they had plain and pepper flavoured cheese too along with cookies,buns and pies, my previous post i forgot to mention about this german cafe which is a must go place whenever u visit Manali,...heres a glimpse of delicacies available there,...
countdown has begun for something just look at this pic and let me know wht i am talking about,...
Keep guessin guys i will be back soon,..:-)