Friday, October 02, 2009

Kesar or Pista wala Mutton Curry another craving related post of mine,...:-)

Its always fun cooking for others,it  gives me extra kick and i am extra charged but two days back when i was preparing mutton curry i didnt feel the same zeal ,and i knew what the reason was its the absence of Pallavi and Hubby ,while cooking i started missing both of them and realized that cooking for self is no fun :-(i dont get much opportunity to cook nowdays reason being my hectic schedule and the approaching exams,craving for spicy mutton curry led me to kitchen and this is how i prepared the curry
Recipe for Pista or Kesar wala Mutton Curry
ingredient needed
250gm goat meat
chopped onion two
chopped garlic clove three
oil to cook
saffron strands three
pistachio shelled six
dry masala
dried red chili two
bay leaves two
cinnamom stick one
star anise one
clove three
blak pepper three
black cardamom one
green cardamom two
powdered masala
salt as per taste 
half tsp each of 
red chili 
add curd ,powdered masala to the mutton and keep aside.
soak saffron strands in half tsp of water
soak pistachio nuts in water to remove the peel
Heat one tbsp oil in non stick wok
add dry masala and fry for a minute
add chopped onion and garlic and keep frying till onions start changing their colour
once onions are done add prepared mutton and cover and cook on low flame
keep stiiring till oil is seen along the sides
sprinkle few drops of water if needed
add saffron strands and pistachio
check for the tenderness ,once done remove from the flame
Serve hot with roti or rice.
I enjoyed the curry with mixed feeling ,i was sad because i was missing sis and hubby and happy cause my craving was satisfied after a long long time,curry was indeed hot just the way i wanted :-) its 6:50pm here got chicken drumsticks so going to prepare something for dinner ya just for self,mom is veggie maybe Advay will give me company for dinner , 
And ya before i sign off i want u all to drool the above pic is of Rabdi which my father brought when he came her elast weekend ,one spoon of this and we are lost in heaven,..this Kulhad of Rabdi brought back so many warm memories of my hometown ,i was so so nostalgic when i saw this ,...drool over this pic will cee u guys soon,..:-)