Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The best of me

The best of me ,
Is deep inside me ,
It gives me the will to move on,
To smile at bygone . 

I will be 34 this year ,
And I am ready to steer .
As I am awed by life ,
For teaching me all the while .

I love to cook and blog ,
Paint and scribe thoughts ,
Also love to click 
Nature and its glory.

All this keeps me occupied ,
When I have some spare time,
And yes I feel so frisky ,
When I have the time for me.

I am loving this journey ,
With my kid and hubby .
Ya it's been a fun ride
And I am ready to stride.

Not all days are same ,
Ya sometime I feel insane,
Then I just smile and bear
And manage peace within myself.

The twinkle of my sons eye 
Is enough to keep aside ,
All my sorrow at bay 
And make me sanguine and jay.

One smile from my hubby,
Is enough to make me merry
And I thank god really 
For giving me this loving family.

I love this new me ,
Who loves to live with glee,
Because unless I love me ,
I know I can't love thee.

And that's the best of me ,
Not perfect but steady ,
Now that you know ,
Tell me what's #thebestofyou.