Friday, December 11, 2009

Saal 2009 Ki Baat Kuch Khatti Meethi Yaado Ke Saath

Lets take a look behind
and see what we can find
last year has  gone for everyone
fast with time ,......
years may come,years may come
years may go,quickly go
some go fast very fast
some go slow oh so slow
some are good very good
some are sad very sad
for each one for what comes
lets be glad just be glad
These lines are from a song which we used to sing in school during our english singing classes,maybe i missed some lines in between or maybe some words too,i just luv this song though simple in words its so true isnt it,..;-)coming back to todays post,...

Its not easy to pen down about yr 2009, because yr 2009 is I guess the best year of my life till now, I guess I shared everything in blogosphere be it anything my joy – sorrow, up-down, celebration-devastation, festivals, marriage ceremony of my sis and so many other things and ya the best thing which happened in yr 2009 is that it changed my attitude towards Delhi when I reached here last yr in 2008 I was all confused how I goona settle down here but now after spending almost more than a year I am in luv with this place and then why wont I be I guess it’s the best place to stay inspite of all the shortcomings after all I feel as if I belong here, be it anything food, market, weather time just flies here  that’s the magic of this place ya I do miss hubby at times but then I know that this time which I am spending with my sisters, parents these moments they are priceless.and the best way to enjoy these moments is to enjoy each and every second so that when I move back to Singapore and miss them all I have to do is thinks about the moments spent with them that’s all I know I am being senti but that’s how its gonna be  after all I got to stay with them after some eight yrs .:-), ya I didn’t give time to the other part of me I e notyet100hub,maybe next yr I won’t be this busy, Srivalli has asked us to jot down Best of Year 2009 its gonna be difficult to choose best of the posts from yr 2009 archive because almost all of my post have some memories in them and all of them are precious for me, still if I had to choose few from them I Guess they gonna be these,…
Learnt Baking from Blogosphere thanks to Cham too,My first bake
Holi Festival Delicacies Festival POST
A tear and A smile Simple Musings
My first bread Loaf Wholewheat Walnut Bread

Experience with Chocolates Hand made chocolates

This whole post goes to Srivalli who is hosting Best of Year 2009 Event 
Thats all frens,..ceeu guys next week enjoy the weekend and happy bloggin,...:-)