Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Cooking for Advay - Crepes with fresh Raspberries

This is something which i prepared when i was too tired to prepare anything ,and real hungry,..:-)
prepared crepes and served warm with raspberry preserve and fresh raspberries

Recipe Name Crepes with fresh raspberries
Ingredient for the batter
milk one cup
egg two
half cup flour
Ingredient to serve
powdered sugar pinch
fresh raspberries six
raspberry preserve one tbsp
In a mixing bowl sift the flour and make a well in the centre
in another bowl mix egg and milk ,add to the well
mix properly to prevent lump formation
cover with cling wrap and leave for 30 mins
Lightly brush nonstick pan with butter and keep on medium heat
pour the batter
cook for a minute and then flip and cook the other side
fold them in triangle shape and serve with topping of choice.
prepared this platter for Advay

Advays platter joins Srivallis Kids Delight Finger Food Event
thats all frens,..will cee u all soon
tk cre and happy blogging