Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inspired from Skype and Cooked at Home - Gazar Ka Halwa

Me - " Should i fry the  grated carrots first in ghee ?
Hubby -  "for what ? "
Me  - " i am going to prepare Gazar Halwa."
Hubby - " Halwa,..? No no leave it , i will prepare . "
Me - " ummm okay,.."
Once milk starts boiling and the grated carrots are in the kadhai,
Hubby-" From where did you get the idea to prepare Halwa , who prepared at home ? "( he knows me so well . and he is so correct ,when it comes to sweet dishes he knows i dont have any interest unless ,.. .)
Me- ( blushing ) " today while talking to Neha on skype she told me that she got khoa and fresh carrots from nearby   farm and she prepared halwa, you see and thus i got carrots and ,.."
This was the conversation we had in kitchen few days back,and i was really awed when hubby asked me this question how come Halwa suddenly,.i mean he knows me so well ,..:-)
coming back to the recipe Last year I had shared bowl of Gazar Halwa which Neha my sister  had prepared ,so i had the same recipe in my mind,thus i asked the question of frying the carrots as per her recipe , but hubbys preparation is slightly different

Recipe Name Carrot Halwa
Recipe source Hubby
Preparaton time 10 mins
Procedure two hours
Carrots four ( peeled and grated )
milk one litre
sugar as per taste
ghee three tbsp ( can be altered)
dryfruits chopped almond ,cashew and raisin
In a vessel keep milk for boiling on low flame
add grated carrots and keep stirring
cover and leave on low flame
keep checking and stirring in between
so that carrot doesnt stick to the bottom
add sugar and give a good stir
(this gonna take an hour or so)
once the milk is absorbed completely
add ghee and fry the carrots
keep stirring for five to 10 mins
dry fruits can be added while frying
or halwa can be served  topped with dry fruits.
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Thats all friends,see you all soon,..;-)