Friday, October 15, 2010

Spiced Puffed Rice - Churmura

For todays evening tea thought of preparing Churmura which is my favourite street food from my hometown ,since my previous posts are all related to my childhood  memories i thought i should continue the same because i know till the festival is over my mood gonna be the same.

Recipe name Churmura/Spiced puffed rice/spiced muri
Puffed rice/Muri  one cup
onion one small chopped
tomato one chopped
green chili one
green pea one tbsp
salt as per taste
lemon juice two tsp
coriander leaves chopped one tbsp
cumin powder half tsp
red chili powder pinch
sev one tsp
In a mixing bowl mix everything together
serve with tea.

On a different note  thanks to my blogging friends  i got so many other interesting recipes of spiced puffed rice ,have listed them below
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thats all frens,..enjoy the yummy murmura recipes,..wish u all happy weekend,..cee you all soon..