Saturday, September 27, 2008

Festive Food Event -Onam Festival Roundup

Onam-harvesting festival, after troiling for months, it’s the reaping time for the farmers. All our ancestors had a time to celebrate would have been like the aka pay-day though after few months.
The beautiful Pooklam by Shreya
 marks the joyous expression of Onam Festival.
Onam sadya the tradition of grandeous meal, maintains deep roots in every Indian. Still every family has its own way of making it, inspiring the food bloggers to share their feelings and tradition.
Things have changed over generations but we continue the celebrations. A time to maintain our traditions ,tribute to motherland and our ancestors as well.
All of us had different way of celebrating the festival this year the entries here are just a representation of the festivity though with individuality .After celebrating rakshabandhan at PritisIndian khana and Krishna ashtami and Ganesha chaturthi at Purvas daawat i present before you all delicacies prepared for the Harvesting Festival ONAM
Thanks a lot freinds  for sending such nice and yummy delicacies,thanks a ton PRITI and Purva for giving me the opportunity to celebrate Onam Festival.
An integral part of a traditional Onam Sadya, this dish has now also become a part of most festivals celebrated in the Thrissur district of Kerala. , according to her no sadya (feast) is complete without some pazhamurukku.
Jayshree has also shared pic of her ona sadya meal
which has from top left puli inji,kalan,thair pachdi,vendakka mezhukkupuratti (okra stir fry ),aviyal,sarkkara upperi,chips,papaddam,rice,muringakka sambhar and chakka pradhaman.
Prepared from rice ada this sweetdish is something new for me.
and Carrot Beans Thoran and Avial which are important part of Onam sadya
Priya of Easyandtastyrecipes has sent yummy delicacies for Onam celebration ,and everything is new for me,..blogger from paris ,her blog has easy and tasty recipes.
Lubna of kitchen flavour who is busy with joy from fasting to feasting in her blog has taken out time for Onam festival and sent
crispy banana chips arent they looking yummy.
Sukanya of sukanya musings has sent delicious looking pal payasam
and also shared how it is served during festivals and marraige ceremonies,she has shared both traditional and quick method to prepare yummy Pal payasam.

Beautiful Pookolam is sent by Uma Maheshwari non blogger from Malaysia.
Arundati of escapades has cooked delicious looking avial for thiruvonam
her recipe is iyer palakkad way of cooking avial shared by her mothe rin law.
Suma of sumascuisine celebrated ONAM with friends together by having potluck party for the sadya,
her share was yummy pineapple pachdi and delicious looking sambhar,
she has also shared pookolam pic .
Sireesha of momrecipes has sent sweet payasam
made of broken wheat ,coconut and jaggery,different one for me.
Vandana of cooking up something nice has joined in
Onam festival celebration with one of her favourite dish Avial.
Aparna of my diverse kitchen has shared one
of the regularly prepared dish in her kitchen Olan prepared from ash gourd and pumpkin.
Dershana of the footloose chef prepared dishes for ona sadya  with help from her hubby,along with Ona sadya pic

she has shared recipes of Avial which is lovely medley of all kind of vegetables in an aromatic masala of cumin,coconut and shallots
,Inji curry which is sweet,hot and tangy ginger based curry,Kottu kari which is delightful mixture of raw banana,yam and brown chickpeas and goes well with steamed rice,for Olan Dershana shares her mother in laws recipe,in the Kalan post Dershana shares the traditional way to prepare Kalan and she also tells the difference between Kalan and Pulliseri,she has shared the recipe of Kalan using ripe bananas or Nenthranpazham,next comes Vendakka khichdi which resembles raita as Dershana says is new for me and last recipe from her blog for the Onam festival is of Ada Pradhaman which is known as king of payasam in Kerala.
Lakshmi of cooking station has shared recipe of Plantain thoran for the Onam festival
which is easy to prepare and apt accompaniment for hot steaming rice.
Vani of illatharasi has shared Avial recipe for the Onam festival
and also sent  lovely Pookolam pics done with orchid,marigold flowers and lighted diyas.
Purva of purvas daawat sadya for Onam festival 
is delicious looking rava idli with hot sambhar .
Shama of easy 2 cook recipes has sent
delicious looking dal payasam for the Onam festival.
Sowmya of creative saga shares the recipe of Avial
and also shares some memories in her post with which i guess all food bloggers can relate,..;-)
Rekha of plaintain leaf has sent yummy looking Pal payasam for the Onam festival
,she has used nallukuthari rice for the payasam ,she also shares her memories of Guruvayur Krishna  temple.
Priti of Indian khana shares easy recipe of
broken wheat halwa for the Onam festival.
Lakshmi of kitchen chronicles shares the recipe of
Kavuni arisi payasam prepared from black rice for the Onam festival.
Shreya of moms cooking is back from her blog break with Onam celebration in her post, she shares pic of Ona sadya
which looks so yummy and also recipe of kottu curry
for the Onam festival.
Purnima of fantasy cooking has joined in Onam celebration
with colourful Pookolam and Onam sadya pic.
Sunshinemom of tongue ticklers has prepared special dish for Onam festival
Paruppu Pradaman which is sweet porridge prepared from coconut milk and split moong bean.
Uma maheswarinon blogger from Malaysia has sent Olan, Eriseery,Pineapple pachdi,Cucumber pachdi and Beans thoran

1 small cup kidney beans
1 small White Pumpkin
1/4 piece of Sweet Pumpkin
4-5 Green Chillies
small packet of Cocunut milk / or u can extact from the coconut if u want
curry leaves
1tps of Cocunut oil
Salt to taste
1. Soak the Kidney beans for 1hr and then cook in the cooker for 4 or 5 whistle keep it aside
2. Cut the white and Sweet Pumpkin in rectangle shape and very think slice
3. slit the Green Chilles
4. Boil the pumpkin and the chilles with just 1/2 cup water and salt to taste
5. Once the pumpkin is cooked add the kidney beans to it bring to a boil , add curry leaves also
6. put off the stove keep it covered
7. take the coconut milk around 1cup or as required add to the above mixture dont boil it
8. Before u Serve pls add 1tsp of Cocunut oil
Olan is done
1 small cup kidney beans/ or kadalla
1 small sweet pumpkin
1 full cup coconut grated
3-4 Red dry chilli
1/2 tps jeera
a pinch of Turmeric
salt to taste
curry leaves
2 tsp of cocunut oil
Preparation of Cocunut mixture
grind 1/2 cup of cocunut, Dry Red chillies, jeera to a fine paste
Soak the Kidney beans for 1hr and then cook in the cooker for 4 or 5 whistle keep it aside
cut Pumpkin in a small square pieces( or any shape), boil the pumpkin with just 1/2 cup of water, add water as required to cook, with a pinch of turmeric and salt as per taste,
once boiled add the above mixture of cocunut to the pumpkin and even add the boiled kindey beans(or Kadalla). put off the stove keep aside
put 2 tsp of Coconut oil in a kadai, add mustard , then add curry leaves and 1/2 cup of coconut, fry for sometime till the coconut turns brownish,
u will get a nice smell of the coconut ( tip - the oil which u added in the beginning will start to come out from the coconut -then it is done)
Add the fried coconut to the mixture and mix wel -
Eliserry is done
Pine Apple Pachadi
1 pine apple cut into small pieces
1/2 cup coconut
3 Green Chillies
1/4 tsp mustard
curry leaves
salt to taste
Preparation of coconut mixture
grind 1/2 cup of cocunut, green chillies and mustard to a fine paste
boil the pine apple with salt, once the pine apple is boiled, add the above coconut mixture to the pine apple mix well and put off the stove, and add the curry leaves,
take 1tsp of oil(coconut oil) add mustard once the mustard is spalttered add that to the Pine apple pachadi
Pine apple Pachadi is done
Cucumber Pachadi
1 cucumber cut into small pieces of u can scrap it
1/4 cup coconut
1/4 tsp mustard
2 green chilles
salt to take
Prearation of Coconut Mixture
grind 1/2 cup of cocunut, green chillies and mustard to a fine paste
Add the cocunut mixture to the cucumber mix well
1tsp oil, add 1/4 tsp mustard, add 1/4 urdu dal , 3-4 dry red chillies
Add the thadaka to the above mixture of cucumber
Add salt before u serve
Cucumber Pachadi is done
Beans - Toran
Beans as required
salt to taste
3-4 dry red chilles
1/4 cup of less than that coconut
1/4 tsp mustard
Take oil in a kadai, add mustared, red chilles, fry and then add beans to it, add required amount of water for beans to boil, add salt as required
once the water is evopoarted and beans is cooked put off the stove and add grated coconut to the beans
Beans -Toran is Done
my entry for the event plain rice with sothi,plain rice with tomato rasam,potato podimas,injithair and dryfruit kesari.
with this beautiful Pookolam
by Shreya i invite you all to Lakshmis blog taste of mysore for the next Festive Food Event
Navratri .
Thanks again friends for participating in the event and making it huge success,without your yummy entries it wouldnt have been poosible,thanks Uma for the beautiful Pookolam and yummy entries,..and special thanks to Priti and Purva for giving me the opportunity to host the event.


Lakshmi said...

A very well written post Priyanka. A round of applause from me to you. You have done it despite that hectic schedule of relocation etc which only shows the passion to share and celebrate our festivals and tradition. Lovely round up too.

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Yummy round up priyanka...this sure is a delicious onam sadya.

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Beautiful roundup!! But I messed up!! I think I neglected to check the deadline and assumed it was sept 30!! Oh well...

Indian Khana said...

Wow gud to see lot of entries..this is more than I expected. Thanks to everyone to joining the Festive Food Event and celebrate Onam festival with us & Thanks a ton Priyanka for hosting the wonderful event and for the beautiful roundup...I can see you have putup lot of effort for the roundup.

Sunshinemom said...

Oh, my! You have given a uniform look also:) Good work, and yummy platter to try out!

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Wonderful roundup Priyanka. Love those pookolams. Was busy with my in-laws during Onam so missed this event. Will try to send some to Navarathri event.

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Wow priyanka...lovely roundup with well written introduction as well as with awesome pics, eventhough we r in abroad, feel really like enjoying this wonderful festival in India.. Bravo!!! to all those mouthwatering recipes...

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lovly round up...congrates on ur first attempt..

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Wonderful and Fantastic roundup priyanka :)) Well narrated Post...Thanks for your efforts....

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Wonderful entries :)

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It took me at least 15 minutes to go over this collection but it was well worth it. Thanks for the effort. Appreciate it!

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All dishes look really mouth watering with beautiful Flower Rangolis

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Nice Round up priyanka. All dishes look yummy.

abraham said...

here is my link with a book on ONAM recipes i have compiled. 2011 i will re-publish with atleast 60 recipes.

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