Thursday, April 30, 2009

Refreshing Aam Panna with Sweet mango cranberry smoothie,crispy salad with tangy potato in coriander chutney

Summer is incomplete without MANGOES ,infact summer is announced by the arrival of Amiya in the vegetable market,which is used to make pickle,chutney,dal and so amny other things,but i guess the best use of Amiya is Aam Panna which is the most refreshing drink in summer apart from smoothies and shakes,prepared specially to beat the heat specially after coming back from outing in the noon,one glass of Aam Panna and all your tiredness is gone ,it cools down body temperature too.I keep stock of mint leaves and amiya in my fridge always as the temperature here in Delhi is soaring like anything...:-( Dadi used to prepare this drink during my childhood days,yesterday when i couldnt bear the heat after comin from my driving lessons i googles for the recipe
 of Aam Panna ,recipe is taken from here
Prepared mango smoothie for dinner day before yesterday,just blended mago pulp,curd,milkand cranberries ,and ya i didnt add sugar ,perfect and filling ,quenched our thirst and hunger pang too,,;-)
These days we wait for evening thinking evening will be fine but its the same as noon,,with no mood to eat dinner is replaced by bowl of salad and mug of milk
for the salad ingredient needed
almonds 6
tomato one finely chopped
cucumber one chopped
carrot one chopped
coriander flavoured cottage cheese
pinch of salt and pepper
half tsp extra virgin olive oil
just mix everythin together
toss well
serve chilled.
Today prepared Dhania alloo after quiet a long time ,brought back many memories of Sunday lunch during summer vacations,preparation is very simple
ingredient needed
boiled potatoes (as per need )
dhania chutney ingredient
coriander leaves one cup
tomato one chopped
garlic cloves two
green chili three
salt as per taste
blend chutney ingredients together .
mix the chutney with finely chopped potatoes
serve chilled.
Dhania alloo serves as a good side dish to Tehari,and together with fresh curd and mango slices meal was complete.
Event Entry
 Mango Cranberry Smoothie goes to Refreshing Drink For Summer Event hosted by Chandrabhaga.
 Aam Panna and mango cranberry smoothie goes to Festive Food Event theme this month being Summer Treat  
 Dhania alloo goes to JFI Cilantro hosted by Cilantro and started by Indira of Mahanandi
 Cucumber tomato salad goes to Nehas space where she is on with FIC RED AND GREEN event started by Sunshinemom.
 Dhania alloo is one of my favourite side dish so i  goes to WYF side dish event hosted by EC.
 EC is on with wyf quickmeal event Cucumber tomato salad  and mango cranberry smoothie goes to her event .
 Mahima is on with 15 minutes cooking event mango cranberry smoothie,salad and dhania chutney goes to her event.
thats all frens tk cre ,,,cee u all soon,,,:-)



Finla said...

It is almost lunch time here, can i have thelast plate please.
Looks delicous.

Deepthi Shankar said...

I love aam panna very refreshing drink .. Iam yet to taste tehari

Asha said...

Love the whole post. Color of Panna is gorgeous, love love the green aloo. Very delightful recipes! :)

Unknown said...

wow Aam panna looks so refreshing smoothie mmmmmmmmmmm yum and that plater is so inviting yummy

Chutneytales said...

Lovely drinks for summer! Dhania aloo sounds interesting!

EC said...

Lovely dishes..all of them are so tempting..thanks your participation in both the events

lubnakarim06 said...

Oh wow so many refreshing and yum recipes.......Coriander aloo sounds yum....Awesome color of that mango panna.....It was like that only till some days back in Bang....But with two three early showers the weather is bit normal now....Hope you have eary shower there too.....

Indian Khana said...

Lovely post Pri...loved everything....thanks for the refreshing entries :)

Cham said...

Panna color is bright like summer, The plate with mango on it it is just calling me.

chef and her kitchen said...

wow lovely posts..looks like a mini round-up..
Aampanna is looking very refreshing..

CurryLeaf said...

Love the plate and the way you post.Everytime I come I can see a thali or a full mouth watering meal.I love aam panna though never made it by myself.

Unknown said...

wow.. nice entries.. looks delicious...

Uma said...

mmm. this is such a delicious post. All the dishes look great. Nice entries :)

Sharmila said...

I have not made panna yet ... all the recipes look so good. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow...these are so perfect for hot muggy days! My mouth is watering just looking at the pics :)

Unknown said...

i have started missing the yummy mangoes in happens every drooling over the slices on the plate...

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

yummy entries.. i shud try this aam panna. sounds interesting. thanks for the entries!

indosungod said...

Mango Cranberry Smoothie looks good. Adding coriander chutney to saute potatoes is indeed a great idea.