Sunday, November 08, 2009

Winter Special Breakfast of Matar Ghugni with Mooli Parantha

Yesterday while going for my evening classes I was struck in traffic for some time ,I could see work going on everywhere for the approaching common wealth games in 2010 ,there’s broadening of road, several flyovers are being built, landscaping, better signage facilities, restoration of monuments and god knows so many other things,…I am amazed at the rate the work is going on, it’s on tremendous speed but then it has to because time left for games is less than a year. While pondering over all these work going on I thought what was government doing from the past few yrs, I mean just because there’s common wealth games approaching is that the reason to improve the facilities for us the common people better known as aam aadmi or to show off others that India is indeed developing. If we were not hosting games I guess Delhi would have been the same with no beautification or makeover this is totally different story that Delhi in itself is beautiful. This is a bitter truth that we INDIANS act only when we are forced to otherwise everything is fine for us. I feel so good and happy and very proudly tell everyone that by next year Delhi wont be same but at the same time sad too that the reason behind all this is Common wealth Games not the need of the people…..;-(

Coming back to todays post I am sharing another warm breakfast for winters Hara matar Ghugni with Mooli Parantha and Curd.Matar Ghugni is staple breakfast at our place specially during winters ,on Nehas demand mother prepared this today morning for breakfast,thanks Pallavi for reminding me to mention this,.;-)
For Mooli /Radish parantha –

Preparation for the filling
Wash , Scrub and Grate Radish and keep aside. Squeeze before using.
Mix salt as per taste , pinch of red chili powder, pinch of garam masala powder and carom seeds a pinch to the grated raddish.Mix well and keep aside.
Knead the dough and keep aside.
Divide the dough into small balls.
With the help of rolling pin shape out the small balls into thick chapattis.
Place the filling in the centre and shape into small ball.
Sprinkle few drops of oil on non stick tawa, and once the tawa is hot lower the flame and place the parantha and keep turning till it be becomes brown from both side.
Serve hot with curd and pickle ,we had with matar ghugni and curd.
For Matar Ghugni-

In gradient needed
Fresh green pea half cup ie approx 250 gm
One onion chopped
Green chili chopped one
Garlic clove chopped two
Ginger paste one tsp
Salt as per taste
Potato peeled and cubed one
Oil to cook
Coriander powder half tsp
Garam masala powder half tsp
Turmeric powder half tsp
Cumin seeds half tsp
Asafoetida a pinch

In a non stick wok add one tsp of oil
Once oil is hot add half tsp of cumin seeds and pinch of asafetida.
Once it starts spluttering add chopped onion, garlic, ginger and green chili.
Once the onions start changing colour add chopped potato , fresh green peas and sprinkle salt as per taste ,followed by coriander powder and turmeric powder
Stir well add few drops and cover and cook on low flame.
Once done check for tenderness and sprinkle garam masala and simmer for a minute.
Serve hot with parantha, or with warm toast both ways this tastes good.
Enjoy the platter frens, this platter is off to Meets space for the Monthly Mingle event the theme for this month is Brunch,..
and to Yasmeens space where she is on with Third edition of Health nut event the theme for this month is Healing food.
Hara matar Ghugni has ginger,garlic and turmeric powder so i guess prepared with these ingredients and in less oil Ghugni is indeed healing food.

some good reasons why Turmeric should be added in our diet-
Natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent
Reduces teh risk of Childhood Leukemia
Natural Liver detoxifier
Natural Painkiller
Helps in Weight Management.

Health benefit of Ginger
Reduces pain and inflammation
Helps in Heartburn Relief
Natural treatment fro relief from cold and cough
Prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy.

Health benefits of Garlic
Helps in the prevention of cold
prevention of heart disease
prevention of hypertension
prevention of infection.

Happy week ahead ,ceeu guys soon...


Pari Vasisht said...

Hi. I totally agree with you that Delhi will be very different by next year, but so many people have lost lives beacuse of the Metro construction. The traffic jams are quite irritating at times...I missed my train because of that, Taza zakhm hain...
The ghugni looks interesting, I will have that with bread surely.
Do drop by when time permits.

pallavi said...

so who made the ghugni behen?

Priya Suresh said...

Yumm!!just love mooli parantha, ghugni looks delicious and interesting..

Sanghi said...

mmm... yummy matar ghugni..!

ST said...

Delicious breakfast dear:)

chef and her kitchen said...

the name ghugni sounds interesting..yummy parathas...

Spice said...

U reminded me of mooli's been a while since i made those....don't get very good mulli that matar ghugni...

jayasree said...

Matare ghugni is interesting..

Meeta K. Wolff said...

oh i do love a good mooli parantha! this looks incredible! thanks for the entry!

Unknown said...

who wouldn't want such a yummy breakfast?

Finla said...

Love that pea dish.

Cham said...

The parathas and matar are looking great!

Malar Gandhi said...

THats a very good breakfast there, I like mooli parathas...very fulfilling. Matar Ghugni sounds interesting too.

Unknown said...

Absolutely healthy & delicious breakfast.

Uma said...

looks absolutely delicious.

Unknown said...

mmm..warm mooli parathas aur matar with all the spices does sound warming for the cooler days.Love that pic of advay waiting for bus,so cute :D