Thursday, April 24, 2008

Posta ka Halwa prepared specially on Advays first birthday

happy birthday advay,,,i know someday when u will be old enough to read u will sure read my posts..

posta halwa is one of my favourite ,...another nameof posta is poppeye seeds...i amnot sure whether my spelling is correct or not,...whenever i used to go home during my vacations,,,this recipe was on the toplist of the list of recipes which my mother used to prepare for me,,,.i remember she used to pack tiffins for train too,,,and now also ,,,whenever i leave for sinagpore...she packs this halwa...for me,,,i guess somethings with time never change...just like mothers love....,...this recipe is my mothers ,..when she had come down to singapore i watched her preparing....before going she made dish full of halwa which lasted quiet is special day of our life so i thought why not prepare this halwa and share this recipe with everyone....for advays birthday dinner...ihad started preparation from yesterday itself,,remember my sleepy post...well i had soaked the poppeye seeds yesterday itself, get smooth paste....,..
so here comes the recipe
two cup posta dana
dryfruits half cup mixture of almonds,cashewnuts and raisins..
sugar depending on ur taste
ghee twotablespoon
soak postadana with dryfruits one night before
grind the soaked postadana with dryfruits
heat two tablespoon ghee in wok...( if u are using aluminium kadai u will need more ghee,its convenient tomake in non stick wok as the halwa is cooked quiet fast and doesnt sticktothe vessel and good for health cause less ghee)
once the ghee starts melting add the posta paste and keepfrying
add sugar ,..and fry further

once you see colour change to brown and consistency changing to viscous
turn off the burner
enjoy hot or cold...



Swati Raman Garg said...

advay is such a sweetheart.. wish him a very happy budday... and halwa from postu... could have never imagind will try it someday ...

Divya Kudua said...

happy birthday dear Advay!! nice entry!!

notyet100 said...

thanks swati and divya for visiting//

Dhivya said...

happy birthday Advay!! great entry!!

Unknown said...

Wishes to Advay again..

bha said...

Happy bday to advay, an adorable kid.....nice recipe

Cham said...

Happy B'Day to Advay! Different recipe!

notyet100 said...

thanks dhivya,divya,bhag and cham

Unknown said...

is it the poppy seeds you used(khus khus).Do you find it in s'pore.Have been searching for it .
i am a ghost blog reader.
but t'day i thought i shd wish advay(so chweet..belated wishes and have a wonderful year ahead.

notyet100 said...

hi ranjeeta,..ya its the sameu talking about...i dont knw whether its availablein singapore or not,,,,got it frm my hometown back in india..thnks for the wishes

Lakshmi said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Advay! umm..will come to have halwa :)

notyet100 said...

hi lakshmi,,..waiting for u,,

sridevi said...

happy bday advay with lots of love which is sweeter for me but not more than ur mothers halwa have
a gr8 future ahead dear all the best. very lovely and delious halwa like ur advay

Neha said...

Happy b'day advay..
didn't knew , that we can make halwa from khas kahs too, nice recipe..
and yep we can't get poppy seeds here , its banned here in singapore

notyet100 said...

thanks sridevi and neha for the wishes and for visiting