Friday, April 04, 2008

Rabdi straight from the streets of mathura

gosh these days i am so busy....yesterday after finishing the tshirt started with the community logo slept at couldnt update the blog other wise before sleeping i have to do this work,..or i won get sleep,..;-) i remember my trip to mathura with my parents,...and the narrow lanes with lassi shops ,..and chat kachori shops,..they used to sell cream also,..which was garnished with chopped dryfruits...and the lassi used to be so thick that u have to use spoon to eat the malai,..and then drink the lassi,..words cantt describe the taste to savour the taste of rabdi,malai and lassi of mathura u have to go there at whenever i wish like eating rabdi i cant go mathura everytime, tried this recipe and the result was not bad, try to transform urself to gods place. ie mathura..i like it cold so after preparing keep it in freeze for some time...

and ya as i told my friend lakshmi i prepared this sweet dish as it was her birthday....this is for u lakshmi....and i am sending this recipe for rci punjab hosted by lakshmi


whole milk 6 cups

saffron few strands
sugar 1/4 cup
green cardamom powder 1/2tsp
chopped cashewnut 4
almonds 4 sliced
pistachio 4 sliced


boil the milk with saffron in a thick bottome dor nonstick vessel,stirring occasionaly on medium heat.

cook for 30 minutes till milk reduces to half

add sugar and continue to simmer on low heat for 15 minutes till milk becomes rich and thick


remove from fire and add cardamom powder,cashewnut pieces,almonds and pistachio .


serve hot or cold


Lakshmi said...

ooommmy goddd..I am all drooling at that rabri. Thanks for making this for me on my B'day. Love you.

lana said...

helos dont forget the hot malaidar milk and the chappan bogh pandal :D

notyet100 said...

hi lakshmi...its my gift for ur burde...enjoy,,,,will gift u in person soon,..
hi lana...thnks for eminding will uodate in my log u sei have short memory,..

EC said...

I love rabri...but dont have patience to let the milk boil to become half

notyet100 said...

hi ec...but its worth the patience...whn its done try once/...

Nupur said...

Woah !! you have such a big list of all recipes Lady !! Will take me ages to scan through, all amazing posts !

So Glad to be your follower , see you around sweety :)