Saturday, May 31, 2008

simple dish of chicken curry and rice, between jalebi nd to end with strawberry shrikhand with comic strip

since past few days i had been preparing chicken curry in various ways ,..somehow had forgotten the traditional way we used to prepare today before going to gym,..i asked my hubby to prepare chicken curry.., had been long time,..since he had cooked chicken curry in his own traditional way,..he readily agreed,,.when i got married..i didn't know how to cook chicken ,..hubby thought me the way he used to cook,..after that i started experimenting ,..with different kind of recipes,..
today when i reached home i was really hungry,..chicken curry looked good,..couldn't resist myself,..rice had to be cooked,,,.prepared plain rice...tasted great with rice,.this curry reminds me of the thick chicken curry we get in dhaba..


recipe is very simple
heat oil
add cumin seeds
add chopped onion,ginger,garlic and green chilli
once onion starts changing colour add tomato puree,,followed by salt nd chicken masala
once you see oil along the sides add chicken,.keep frying till brown from both sides
now add water and cover nd cook for few minutes
enjoy with rice or chapati..


and now sommething sweet for the swc gujarat event

yesterday prepared jalebi for the first time,..recipe goes here...jalebi is my favourite sweet..back here i used to crave a lot,.but now after tryin out the recipe..can prepare anytime,..\\




prepare strawberry shrikhand,,after dinner yeterday..had already seived the curd and kept in fridge so it didnt take much time..mixed finely chopped starwberry...and kept in fridge for some time before serving



to read the strip click here

hilda to tilda (her daughter) tilda,..hope u have packed ur bag,.we are going back home,,ur dad must be missing us,..and we are gng to give him surprise oky,..i knw he must hve missed my cooking,..

tilda hmm so soon,,i wann stay here,,its so nice here with mountains and all,,and my vacationis still not over....

hilda hmm oky,..btw ur grandma has gone to church today for the weekly what u wann to hve for thinking to make baked brinjal in ginger sauce,..

tilda thinks omg hve to think of something fast or grandma will again fall sick,,..umm ut what..nd wht she wants toprepare,..must have picked from the cook ook she was reading last night,..

tilda mama,,u remember the pizza shop,..the one where u used to go when u were kid,...granny told me before leaving to wait for her there,..she wanted to give you surprise treat,..thats why she didnt tell u

hilda ohh really so nice of her..ya even i can revive old memories,..thats a good idea,..lets hurry or we will be late...


Srivalli said...

hey all of them look very nice....making jalebi is quite a task!

bha said...

I was thinking of making jalebi, but gave up the idea after the amount of work and the mess i would create....urs look perfect...way to go

Cham said...

The jilebi came out perfect

Suganya said...

Loved th 3 dishes. Ur chicken curry looks really YUM!. Mouthwatering. Great u have mastered jelabis. Love it.

ranji said...

loved all the dishes in the post..especially the jalebi's..been so many yrs since i had tempting:)

Finla said...

Delicious looks chicken curry.
I love the jalebi too.

Haripriya Reddy said...

Yummy Jalebi's yaar...will give a try next weekend :)

And yeah I too made mixed fruit shirkhand yesterday...came out gud.

Cooking Station said...

Jalebi's look perfect!

Uma said...

jalebi is perfect! Yummy shrikand too. No need to say about the comic strip. Good one.