Thursday, May 06, 2010

Some of my special posts,...;-)

I still remember my last post from Singapore dated 13th october 2008 with mixed feelings i wrote that post,it was hard for me but not that difficult ,but now when the countdown has started to leave delhi and move back to Sinagpore i am pretty depressed ,i cant describe in words how sad i am ,last one and a half year will always remain special for me  ,,,sharing with you all some of the memorable moments and my special posts

My first post from delhi dated 20th november 2008 which has kadai paneer,doi begun,jeera murgh and mangalorean chicken curry.
Dastkar exhibition at Delhi haat dated 1st december 2008
Advays first day at play school dated 9th december 2008
kitchen therapy post of dhaba style matar paneer just because advay slept that noon ;-)
dated 16th december 2008
kitchen experiment tangy and spicy chola dated 4th febuary 2009
sweet vodka bites and spicy jackfruit curry dated 27th febuary 2009
Advay in mowgli attire dated 8th march 2009
village memories with horha and kuchni dated 16th march 2009
this one is for the sudden craving for teekha chicken curry dated 17th march 2009
a tear and a smile dated 28th april 2009
bhowri platter dated 1st may 2009
lotus seed pudding dated 24th may 2009
how can i forget this :-) dated 8th june 2009
thank god i have company dated 3rd nov 2009
this is what loneliness can do dated 15th nov 2009
my little helper in kitchen dated 26th nov 2009
from my mother kitchen Nimona dated 25th jan 2010
surajkund mela dated 15th feb 2010

This month i will be publishing posts related to Delhi, reason being very simple i am in luv with this city ,
post can be anything e related to food and delhi ,i will publish the roundup by the first week of june ,if u guys wanna join me please mail me your post with the pic at, and dont forget to   link it back to this post,
thats all guys tk cre cee u all soon,..


Pari Vasisht said...

Hey, u are moving back, I hope we could meet before that. This is a touching post with so many memoirs linked to it.

Padmajha said...

That's an impressive list of posts.Looking forward to reading ur delhi posts :)

Unknown said...

its great are coming back..hope to see you soon here..

Unknown said...

ohhh good you are moving back.... nice post dear.....

sra said...

You're going back? Best of luck with the move!

Shabitha Karthikeyan said...

It was very interesting post yaar..I loved reading it. I have been to Delhi only once during school days..
Loved the place..

Priya Suresh said...

U r leaving back to SG..Wow thats a great news..Wat a touching post dear..

Unknown said...

Dear, happy moving. I know it hurts to leave the place you like or love and move to another. But, may this transition be smooth as you have already lived in Singapore, so you are not going to a brand new place.

I will wait for Delhi round-up. Never been there (except for switching, so no idea on their specials etc.

Simplyfood said...

Good luck with the move.Looking forward to your delhi related posts.

Sukanya Yogesh said...

Priyanka, I am so glad you are moving back to Singapore. I know how you must be feeling as you are near to your family in Delhi. Once you are back let's have a bloggers meet and jam about some food....

Unknown said...

all the best for your move...dont feel sad.we are in the defence services...evrytime i started getting close to ppl and got attached to the house,it was time to move it's aprt of our life..someday i was also in your i can relate to your feelings:)