Friday, September 25, 2009

Sharadiya Navratri


Hello frens,wish u all happy navratri ,i am back from Singapore with fond memories, fresh and charged for the days ahead,it wasnt difficult to manage Advay,he slept during  the flight so the return journey wasnt a nightmare for me, is seventh day of sharada navratri
,can still remember how excited we used to be for this particular festival,and why wont we be as this festival was like mini get together for us,thinking about those golden days brings smile on my face,its my first navratri in Delhi,the only thing which is making me realise thats its festival is the daily pooja at home
and the articles in the daily newspaper,other than that i am missing the festive spirit which we  have during our childhood,missing my sisters too,Advay is too small to ask for Dasara celebration these days he is busy in world of colours ,i am looking forward to meeting my cousions who will be reaching tomorrow for the festival,maybe then i will feel thats its festival time here,to get myself into festive mood i tried some decoration with floating candle and flowers,,... while writing this post i thought of Chetan Bhagats famous speech about Spark,he is so right when he tells as we age the spark fades,...i can read his speech again and again its so motivating...sorry i drifted again i was talking about Dasara festival i know,..
and ya tomorrow is my Ashthami fast so i will be feasting on some vrat delicacies,...:-) i guess thats all from my side, are you guys celebrating festival,..???u guys tk cre me signing off wishing u all again,..:-)