Friday, July 25, 2008


Last few days were really stressful and tiring for me,.reason being my son was not well,,,but today after a long a time he took his afternoon nap which really relaxed me,,i feel like cooking when either advay is sleeping or hubby is around to tk care of advay, finally got the chance to cook in the afternoon while he wa sleeping,..felt so relaxed and good after along time,..after preparing karela bhaji for dinner,,,i felt like preparing Phirni,.with the french rose petals,..since the day i made GULABI SANDESH i thought of giving this a try but was not getting time reason as tld above ,,so today finally thought of trying my luck again with rose petals,..i was scared today cause i was going to boil the crushed rose petals for the first time,..thought so many time what if it doesnt come out well,..then took gods name and started with the preparation
ingredients i used
milk 300ml
freshly grounded rice powder four tablespoon
sugar to taste
milkmaid one tablespoon
crushed french rose petals of 6 roses
three to four petals to garnish
boil milk in pan
once milk starts boiling lower the flame
add sugar followed by rice powder
add crushed rose petals and milk maid
simmer for two minutes and remove from flame
garnish with rose petals an keep in freeze
i couldnt control myself so had it hot,..nd took again another serving,..liked it so much,,advay too .//
thanks again Rachna,,cause of the flower power event i used these lovely flowers,..r would have never known their use
and ya the bowl of gulabi phirni relaxed me too,,,:-)
thats all for today frens,,cee u all tomorrow,.
this one is for u to taste
GULABI PHIRNI goes to original recipe event
hosted by lore of culinarty