Friday, March 27, 2015

its never late to learn - open letter for Advay 12

Dear Advay ,
Even before we reached Lyon I had few things on my bucket list which I wanted to do and I am glad that I got the opportunity to do too. Before enrolling for the classes I had few inhibitions language was a problem because I was beginner in French still I went ahead and enrolled because I had the zeal to learn .I felt what if I am the oldest there am I too late to learn something at this phase of my life but when I went for the class and saw ladies aged seventy plus learning art I was amazed here I was feeling embarrassed to learn something new I was more shocked when I met teacher for the French class he must be seventy plus but the zeal with which he teaches is something which I never seen .You must be thinking why I am telling you this that's because whenever you feel like learning any thing new just go for it son as age has nothing to do with it its all in our mind as long as we are enjoying it .

So ya this lesson I learnt from life which I am passing to you because I know one day when you will read this you will now what I am trying to tell you ,have to learn a lot son time is flying wish had few more hours sigh that is another story.I spent one part of my life doing things which others told me to do but now want to do things which I love to do son .
Bise avec love

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