Thursday, April 24, 2008

last yrs memories nd my mothers dahi wada recipe

what a day, its raining since early morning today,and i remember last yr on 24th morning also it was raining .today is special for me as its my sons first birthday,..still remember how it was last year, here goes short summary of this day last year,.
.my younger sis had come down here for vacation,,i was seven month pregnant.all my previous checkup were fine,,but out of blue,,,my bp was elevated,i had puffiness in my legs...and by 23rd even my face was puffy,,,we were monitoring bp at home regularly so this was totally hubby being medico i think guessed what was wrong with me,...still he kept calm,,,i had never heard of the term preeclamsia in my life,,so was totally unaware of the outcome,,,but when i googled on net i saw that it means elevated bp in pregnancy,..and to save mother and baby emergency delivery is done,,,i never thought to this extreme,,,i thought that in pregnancy puffiness is quiet normal...but on 23rd i had sever headache and i puked too,..and when i looked myself in mirror i couldnt recognise myself, sis got stressed,,,and when she spoke to my hubby...he immediately told us to come to hospital,..he had already spoken to my gynae...i thought its just normal checkup, we went walking,talking...listening music...had i known what was going to come...i dont think so i would have been able to go to hospital like this,..ultrasound showed baby was fine,,,weighing 1100gm,...but my bp was still elevated...
after seeing my reports my gynae told....i had to be admitted...i was shocked...cause this was totally unexpected, two kids we had come to hospital,..expecting that we will go back the same day...but now admitted..and to add to it she told me if my bp doesnt come down,,emergency delivery has to be soon as i heard this i just broke down,,cause i was not mentally prepared for this,...and from that concern shifted from myself to was just seven month old,,,whether he will survive or will he cope with the surroundings,,,so many concern,,i totally forgot about my health..then she told me..that nicu of singapore is quiet dont worry about baby...its just that he has to stay in nicu for few days...
they admitted me ,..and kept me on medication,,,my bp was monitored...but certain things are just not in your hand...evening she told me ,...that morning they will do emergency delivery...
finally on 24th morning advay was born,..weighing 1100gm,..he was shifted to i had not seen him,,,but i could ceemy hubby was too stressed...when i asked him he told he is fine....i was totally unaware how he looked,,..whomhe resembled...on 25th morning my hubby wheelchaired me to nicu...and there he was my son...naked just wearing daiper,..coiled up in wires ,, incubator...i would have never imagined that this place will be his home for he was too small...we were not allowed to hold him,...we could just cee him...i just started crying,,,he looked so weak,small,fragile...i asked my hubby...whether he will be fine or not,,,he reassured me...tht he will be totaly fine with time...and he was true...for 45 days i used to visit my son twice daily,,,saw him growing...nurses thought me how to bath him,,hold him,,,those 45 days were really tough but i learnt a lot....when he was discharged his weigh was 1800gms..and they had trained me so well that i didnt had any problemwhen hewas back home..and i myself used to read books on preterm baby...and other baby stuff
and now after a year,,,,when i look back,,,and think about those days m,,,tears fill in my eyes,,,but i am really grateful to god,,,for giving me strength to bear all this,, smile of my son is enough to forget all these things,..i guess this is the longest post of all the posts,..hope i havent bored u all lotz...
dahi wada is one of my favourite ,...specially prepared by my mother..i still remember whenever i used to go home for my vacations ,..when i was in college, my father used to tell me,, learn cooking from my mother,,he used to think i am not interested in cooking..he used to force me to cut vegetables,,and that time i was really not interested in cooking....i remember i used to get lots of scolding and my mother used to support me she used to tell my time will come,,,i will manage well
he used to tell me to learn dahiwada too...but i never learnt
so here comes the recipe of dahiwada told to me by my mother on skype....have made several times ,...this time i am sending this recipe for rcipunjab hosted by my friend lakshmi
for the batter of wada
dhooli urad dal two cups soaked in water
grated ginger
garam masala one tsp
salt to taste
baking soda half tsp
asafoetida half tsp
to garnish before serving
green chutney
imli chutney
chat masala
red chili powder
beated curd two cup
oil to fry
beat curd well according to your desired consistency and keep in freeze
soak the dal for three hours,,,and grind in mixer,...add two to three tablespoon of water to mix well
mix all the other ingredients to the batter and mix well,..keep aside
heat oil in wok with the help of tablespoon add the batter in wok,one spoon of batter will give one wada,...
keep turning till its golden brown from both sides
drain and keep in dish containing water for half an hour
after half an hour...squeeze out the water,..and keep in the beated curd,keepin fridge
before serving garnish with imli chutney,dhania chutney,red chilli and chat masala.//


happy eating....:-)



Unknown said...

nice reading ur post n recipe..glad ur sweet son is doing great prayers n hugs to him

notyet100 said...

thnks divya for the prayers and wishes

SMN said...

Nice phtoand nice to know that ur son is doing well. This is my fav

notyet100 said...

thnks smn.,,,for visiting and appreciating,..:-)

Swati Raman Garg said...

noboby sensitive enuf can get bored with this... lots of love to him...

notyet100 said...

thnks swati,,for the appreciation

Lakshmi said...

Very touching post Priyanka, Glad to see Advay smiling now, he is really sweet! Those dahi vadas are looking yummo!

Jeevan_BIG J_Prakash said...

been seeing thee things for 30 years now and when some thing like this happens to your near and dear ones it is very chilling. But the outcome is what makes it worth it. My baby was also brought out of the blue but it was on the date.
asked my wife to make the receipe today for dahi vada.

notyet100 said...

thanks lakshmi...come home and give it a try

thanks sir do let me know whether u liked it or not

Unknown said...

Its the most touching blog I have ever read, nobody can be bored by it. I must say U r vary strong woman and happy to know that Advay is doing great and very cute kid... I think Dahi Vada is one thing which I havent tried yet, but will try it now with ur recipe....

notyet100 said...

thnks priyanka for visiting and for those encouraging words,.