Tuesday, May 27, 2008

kerala porata,urulakizhangu kari and kesariya sandesh and yes another strip..

yesterday prepared for the first time,..kerala porotta for the first time,,,have never added egg in porotta dough,,so was really excited,,how it will taste...and how it will look ya another experiment but it came out real well,,and with the spicy potato curry( urulakizhangu) ya that too malayali style...both tasted great,..

recipe for porotta


all purpose flour 4 cups
half tsp salt
baking powder apinch
sugar one tsp
egg beaten one
oil to cook


mix all the ingredients to make dough,use water to mix


cover with damp cloth and keep for 3-4 hours
shape each dough into orange size balls,coat with oil and keep for an hour
oil a board,beat each dough ball,..stretching and folding it for 10 minutes,keep applying oil at every stage,



finally roll out roti shape,..after repeated folding,.




place on hot tava,cook till brown from both sides
enjoy with curry of your choice


sending ths porotta for roti mela

urulakizhangu kari

prepared for the first time,,tasted great with the porotta,..


two potatoes
one tsp mustard seeds
chopped coconut
salt to taste
ginger chopped
curry leaves
onion chopped one
oil to cook

for paste

ground to fine paste

onion one
garlic clove three'
one tsp each of red chilli,coriander and turmeric
pepper seeds one tsp
cloves 6
cinnamom stick one cm crushed
fennel seeds one tsp

ground all these together,keep aside



peel and chop potatoes
heat oil,add mustard seeds, followed by onion,ginger and curry leaves


when coconut turns brown add salt spice paste and water,..bring to boil


now add onion and potaoes
fry,..for a while..
cover and cook


kesariya sandesh

for the recipe clickPhotobucket'> here,..instead of cranberry i used edible colour,saffron and elaichi owder




daughter with her grandmother

for the strip cick herehttp://ttp://www.stripcreator.com/comics/notyet100/433131

tilda grandma i really liked the brinjal curry which u prepared yesterday,..why didnt u teach mom such recipes,..?

grandma hilda knows all of my recipes,.what does she prepare at home?

same scene of daughter and grandma

she prepares recipes which i am sure u would be hearing for the first time,..ask her to cook today and u will understand and please i will hav the left over brinjal curry,..i just love it,..

grandma hmm oky will ask hilda to cook today,..ya sure come willmake parantha for u...

the next day..

grandma tilda u were right,.i dont knw what she had prepared,..but since last night i am not feeling well,..have passed motion 10 times,..can understand ur condition,..

tilda shall i tell you a secret,thats the reason father sent mother for the holidays,..and i insisted that u cook forme


Lakshmi said...

OMG..I am rolling here over that conversation. Nice one. Porata and curry looks good too.

diva said...

that's so interesting. looks like something i've eaten before but with a different name!

thanks for stopping by the blog. i look forward to seeing an entry from you for the Beauty and the Feast :)

Divya Kudua said...

Haha-nice recipe and cartoon conversation is even better!!

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

great recipes 3-in-1...the strip was even better!! hehehe loved it...AGAIN :-)

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

BTW, theres a post on porotta on my blog with two popular methods to shape it...check it out if you would like to!

ST said...

Hi, visiting first time ur blog.
Parota and curry looks great and delicious.....

Laavanya said...

I'm a big fan of kerala parota but have never tried making it - too much work :) Yours looks good.

Uma said...

the parota, the curry and the comic strip are just too lovely. Thanks for making our tummies as well as mind happy!

ranji said...

porotta and curry looks yummmmmmmmm..love it..missing it too:(....funny strip:)

Sangeeth said...

gal u r creative....how do u come up with jokes instantly? lovely paratha..y dont u send it to srivalli's roti mela?

Cham said...

Fun person you re ,i guess. U re coming up with something everyday, great! Love the combo of parotta and potato curry

Suganya said...

Hay ur Kerala parota rocks. Looks so good. Have turned out perfect. YUM!...

bha said...

parotha looks real nice and the side dish is yummy yto...lol for that coversation

Anonymous said...

mmmm love the potato dish!

thanks for the blog-birthday wishes! :D

Sujatha said...

Potato dish looks great! yummmm..

Unknown said...

love the parota and have to try this sandesh sometime..have been wanting to do it since a very long time

Haripriya Reddy said...

ROFL...Awesome dear!

Nice recipe too..

Asha said...

HeHe! You are running a marathon of comic strip!:)

Sandesh looks yum!:)

pallavi said...

the best part is this luks really easy.. wil defi try it.. btw y do u blame the cok in each strip?

SASHREE said...

gosh,itz really amazing.ur pic alignment is gr8.my first visit to ur blog..nice bunch of recipes from ur side.

Rajitha said...

now that food is making me hungry..just ove tatoes