Saturday, June 21, 2008

sardiyo wali tehari masla raitha ke sath,..or meetha mai aam shrikhand....

In my last post of bharwa baingan i wrote about TEHARI,..TEHARI reminds of short winter days.and.long.cold nights,,,of december,,,as the veggies used in making tehari are cauliflower and peas,..these veggies are readily available in winter..and i still remember my father used to ask my mother to prepare this,,,the side dishes used to be tamatar ki chutney,dhania chutney,curd ,papad and onion salad,..what a saturday meal....i literally used to lick my fingers...and can still remember the taste which used to be spicy enough,..i am stil learnin cooking,..and i know i have to still learn a lot,..whenever i prepare TEHARI back here.,..i try to create the same recipe which my mother prepares,...she prepares in cooker,,,but i use nonstick kadai,,as it is convenient for me..and the masala doesnt stick while cooking,,,
back here in singapore,..i usually prepare Tehari when i feel like eating something spicy with raita,.as cauliflower is available here all the yr around its not a winer dish for me here.easy to cook and good to taste here goes the recipe of tehari


cauliflower chopped depending on your need half will do (i usually boil for 4 minutes before using)
potato chopped and boiled for three minutes
onion chopped one
tomato one chopped
ginger garlic chopped one tablespoon
(i didnt use green peas as it was out of stock,can use green peas too)


cumin seeds half teaspoon
bayleaves crushed two
green cardamom two
salt to taste
mixture of red chilli powder,turmeric powder and dhania powder one tablespoon
oil to cook one tablespoon
rice one cup soaked


heat oil in wok
add cumin seeds once it starts spluttering add garlic,chilli and chopped onions ,green cardamom and bayleaves
once the onions change their shape add chopped tomatoes
add the masala mixture followed by salt,keep frying till u see oil along the sides of the wok
now add the poataoes


and cauliflower,mix well keep frying


now add the soaked rice ,fry for a minute or two
add water


,cover and cook
keep checking,,,once the whole water is dried,,check whether rice is cooked or not

delicious Tehari is ready to eat



cumin seeds 1/4th tsp
curry leaves 6
asafoetida a pinch
ground turmeric a pinch
salt to taste
powder of fennel seeds half tsp


mix the yogurt with salt,sugar and fennel powder
give tadka of remaining ingredients and mix


chill before serving


tried making mango shrikhand the same day ..finished almost whole of it.,,was feelin really bad,,,couldnt save much for hubby, i told mango in any form is delicious...


i am sending Tehari for

up swc hosted by nupur of cinnamon hut


one dish meal event hosted by archana of archanas kitchen


mixed rice varieties hosted by ec of simple indian food


masala raita and mango shreekhand goes for frozen yogurt event hosted by siri


mango shrikhand goes for mango mania hosted by mita of whats for lunch honey?

happy weekend...


Asha said...


I have heard of Tehari rice, good to have the recipe now. Raita looks yum too, like our seasoned Majjige!:))

Have a great weekend missy, see you next week.

Srikitchen said...

nice to hve the recipe of tehari. only from u i have heard it. congrats on receiving award. you deserved it. enjoy

Medhaa said...

Lovely recipe, never heard of Tehari before. Looks really good. Love the raita and Mango Srokand too.

THanks for sharing

Vaishali said...

The tehari recipe sounds mouthwatering. Thanks for posting a nutritious, traditional dish.

Cham said...

Never heard about tehari rice, great sharing ... lovely entries

Illatharasi said...

First time knowing about Tehari rice, looks delicious..... Masala raitha and Shrikhand too looks yummy:)

Unknown said...

nice rice recipe..loved teh shrikhand too!!!

Prajusha said...

never heard abt tehari recipe..raita and srikhand looks lovely..
Happy weekend.

Suganya said...

Hi... This is a vey nice recipe. Looks great... Loved the color of the shrikhand...

bha said...

thanks for the tehari recipe....never had it though.
Loved the tadka wala raitha.....not a mango lover

Uma said...

tehari rice is new to me. raita and shrikhand look delicious. Nice entries.

Mallika said...

I am about to cook my version of Tehari for my next Youtube cooking video tomorrow. What a lovely coincidence! Looks too good...

ST said...

The tehari recipe sounds mouthwatering.Its new to me.....Love the raita and mango shrikhand too.....

Devi Priya said...

Heard of Tehari and ate at my friends place. Never made at home, thanks for recipe...

EC said...

Lovely dishes...dont forget to mail me the details for the event roundup