Sunday, January 18, 2009

Unexpected trip to Jaipur,.with yummy food galore,..;-)

Last weekend we were really busy,..reason being unexpected trip to Jaipur,....trip to Jaipur was on my mind since a very long time ,,..,but for sure not like this one,..though i have been to Pink city before but then i was 8 yr old kid,..i do have some memory of Sisodia RANI Garden ,RANG MANDIR,Amer fort,Birla temple and so many other countless places but then i wanted to visit these places again,..specially with hubby and Advay,,,but couldn't because our visit was too short..but then i m happy too because i got to visit Nahargarh fort
,,..could enjoy Dinner of traditional rajasthani thali which had bajra ki roti,makki ki roti,atte ki roti,bati,churma,khichdi,white butter,dal ,kadhi,gatte ki sabji,allo pyaj ki sabji ,sarso ka sang,..halwa,salad,chutney,pickle,...the below pic is from ,..
chowki dhani AND enjoyed lunch of Butter chicken,Lal maans with tandoori roti at Niros,both Chowki dhani and Niros are must visit place for eating in Jaipur,.....,..we saw local bazzars of Jaipur too but due to less time couldnt explore much,..:-(,. Jaipurs famous street food is Chana jor garam,..their stall can be seen anywhere,..we had at Nahargarh fort,,,heres a glimpse
this one all done,,,
Had kadai wala doodh for the first time,.at chowki dhani,..have a look t the pic below and u will know why i loved it,..:-),....
Some more pics,...enjoy,..:-)

Coming back to todays post,,,Alka of Sindhi rasoi is hosting event Just for you,
Rabdi with craberries,blueberries and Raisin specially for my younger sis,,,she loved it ,..she was always after my life whenever i used to prepare this sweet delicacy in Singapore,.:-),recipe of RABDI is already blogged here ,the only difference is i added chopped cranberries,bluberries and raisin and ya prepared this without Sugar,,.so this version is healthy too,...
This also goes to FIC YELLOW EVENT
hosted by Sunshinemom,.. of Tongue ticklers,..:-)
Prepared Dal Dhokali
again recipe taken from here,,,this one was diffferent version from the one which i prepared previously,... both my sis and hubby are after me when i will prepare this next again,..together with raita ,karela fry and pickle ,..combo was deadly,..doesnt this look so,..this one pot meal goes to Sunshinemoms FIC YELLOW EVENT....
and also to Srivallis My legume love affair Seventh Helping Event
Dal dhokali also goes to JFI CHICKPEA event
hosted by Ms of Sometime foodie and an event started by Indira of Mahanandi
thats all frens,..will back with more yellow treats,....cee u all soon,..hppy blogging and ya thanks a lot for hearin me out and sharing your my previous post,.. reading your comments really helped me a lot,..thanks a lotz agin frens,..:-)