Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Good old days are back again,...

Good old days are back again, ya guys my younger sis is back with bag and baggage from London, so now I wont be sighing  and feeling bad that I don’t have company ,I know  I can count on her for the monthly trip to the parlour, or can catch Friday night movie, go for coffee break and do so many other things,I guess sisters are the best gift god has given us isn’t it,…I prepared kheer for her the day she arrived,here goes the recipe
Ingredient needed- rice half cup, milk two cup, mithai mate three tbsp, saffron strands a pinch, cardamom two, ghee one tbsp,two tbsp coconut powder blanched almonds to garnish
Procedure- Heat ghee in non stick wok, add green cardamom, and the soaked rice fry for a minute or two, add milk and keep stirring on low flame once the milk boils add amul mithai mate, followed by saffron strands and coconut powder, let it simmer for 15 to 20 mins till the kheer thickens. Consistency can vary depending on ur need I usually like thick consistency.Once done remove from flame and serve garnished with blanched almonds.
cee u soon frens,..:-) tc