Monday, March 16, 2009

Gaav ki yaad Horha or Kuchni ke Saath

When mother showed me dry roasted green chickpeas along with their peel better known as Horha in uttar pradesh villages ,i was both elated and depressed ,elated because she had brought something from our village which i was eating after a long long time and depressed because horha made me remember my Dadi who used to keep all the eatable goodies ready for us whenever we used to visit village during our school days,thick creamy curd set in earthen pots,horha with kuchni,pickles,bhori,chokha and so many other things,...:-)

Horha-Dry roasted fresh chickpeas

Kuchni - freshly grounded coarse chutney of garlic,ginger,green chilli,salt and red chilli pickle,coarsely ground all the ingredient together .


Friends its really difficult for me to decide which pic to send for Click Wood Event hosted by Jugalbndi.Please help me decide whether i should send Horha with kuchni pic or the below pic which has dry roasted garam masla ingredients

and ya theres one more pic
to choose from,...i am confused so ur suggestion will be of great help for me,..:-)

Horha with kuchni goes to Recipe for the Rest of us hosted by Trupti of Recipe Center and started by Ramki of one page cook book .

Horha alone goes to my friend Lakshmis event SWC Meal on Wheel.

Thats all frens,...cee u all soon,....hppy bloggin,...