Friday, November 28, 2014

Carmella Pasta in Marinara Sauce

I was never a big fan of Pasta .I used to prepare Pasta in Singapore just for Advay most of the time when his friends used to come home for play date but here in Lyon when I saw fresh pastas in farmers market thought of giving them a try saw some unusual shaped one which were named as Caramella Pasta stuffed with cheese and spinach ,the filling intrigued me and the shape reminded me of childhood ya candy shaped so thus bought some and cooked the same day and ya now I am big fan of fresh pasta

Recipe name Carmella Pasta in Marinara sauce
Recipe of Marinara sauce blogged here
Marinara sauce one cup
Fresh Carmella pasta cooked till a dente
Parmesan cheese grated
Basil leaves three torn
To serve
In a serving bowl keep the cooked pasta
Top it with marinara sauce
Followed by parmesan cheese and basil leaves
serve warm and relish

Monday, November 10, 2014

Curried Chicken and Spinach Soup

what you like to eat when its raining I know most of you will say soup that's what we felt like having today as its been raining here continuously since past few days

so todays dinner was soup prepared from the ingredient in the pantry paired with sesame baguette bought fresh from the bakery.

Recipe Name - Curried chicken and spinach soup
Recipe source - Kitchen experiment
Chicken Drumstick one shredded
spinach leaves half cup shredded
onion half chopped coarsely
tomato half chopped coarsely
to temper
oil one tbsp.
mustard seeds half tsp
dried red chili one crushed
curry leaves six
powdered masala
half tsp each of red chili, turmeric and coriander powder
salt as per taste
black pepper powder pinch to season
to thicken the soup
one tbsp of cornflour dissolved in half cup of water
heat oil in non stick ,once the oil is hot lower the flame and add the temper ingredients
once they start spluttering add chopped onion and keep frying till the onions turn brown
once the onions are brown add the powdered masala,salt and chopped tomatoes
keep stirring till the tomatoes become mushy ,add shredded spinach followed by chicken
cover and cook for 15 mins ,add cornflour solution and two cup of water
let it simmer on low flame for 10 mins
serve warm sprinkled with black pepper with some baguette slices on the side

Monday, November 03, 2014

curried potato in yogurt sauce /dahi wale alloo

Ya life is back to normal Advays school start this week so I will have some routine , I know now where to buy grocery and have started revising French as its difficult to manage here yesterday prepared curry as was craving for some ,last week we had Indian meal at some tandoor place after which I felt like cooking cuury at home instead of splurging money at Indian restaurant curried chicken tikka masala had more of capsicum then chicken and I felt as if I am eating capsicum curry  anyways wht I learn aftr the meal was that food in Indian restaurant is for Europeans not for us so coming back to todays post sharing with you all simple curry which can be prepared in jiffy and ya reminds you of home too speaking of home theres something which has not changed with time and that's reading Hindustan times the first thig in the morning,..
Coming back to the recipe
Recipe name Curried potato in yogurt sauce/dahi wale alloo
Recipe source Kitchen experiment
Potato Cubed two
onion one sliced
garlic clove crushed one
tomato one
oil to cook one tbsp.
curd two tbsp
to temper /chaunk
asafoetida pinch
cumin seeds half tsp
dried red chili one crushed
bay leaves one crushed
salt as per taste
half tsp each of red chili,coriander and turmeric powder
Heat oil in non stick wok, once oil is hot
 add asafoetida,cumin seeds,bay leaves and dried red chilib
add chopped garlic and onion and fry till onion is browned evenly
add the powder masala ,salt and cover and cook for 5 to 7 minutes
once the masala is cooked properly add the chopped potato
cover and cook for 10 to 15 mins on low flame
if needed add half cup of water.
once the masala thickens remove from flame add curd
mix evenly and cook for 5 mins
serve warm with roti and some salad on side.
Indian Curry

That's all guys will be sharing some pics of the Farmers Market soon,...
take care and Happy Blogging,,