Thursday, July 17, 2014

Quinoa Salad

I had read about quinoa a lot ,drooled looking at the pictures in various food blogs and magazines but never tried cooking it at home so one noon while shopping for the grocery when I saw searched for quinoa I had no excuse, bought it and today after so many days when I felt hunger pangs and as there was no leftover in fridge I thought of cooking quinoa and thus I did ,had some cherries in fridge so thought of preparing salad with the same .

Recipe Name – quinoa salad
Quinoa half cup
Cherries six
Baked almond four
Pinch of black salt
Cook half cup of quinoa in one cup of water ,keep aside.
Dice the cherries keep aside.
coarsely chop the almonds keep aside.
In a mixing bowl toss everything together
Relish J
since past few months I am maintaing a journal ,so today wrote this quote which I pinned on pinterest.

that's all guys wish you all happy day ahead
take care and happy blogging.