Saturday, June 20, 2015

open letter to Advay - your first trip /letter 16

Dear Advay ,
Its been so long since I wrote to you ya you can say I got busy with life and running around with so many things anyways this letter is about your first trip away from home .Initially you refused but later on you were ready after much consoling as there was no way you could opt out from this ya I was scared but when I saw the excitement in your eyes I was happy and when we went to drop you at school you just took hold of the bag and told us to go seeing you that strong bought tears to my eyes but no I didn't cry because I could see that you were happy ,We stood in one corner and saw you mingling with your friends ,excited happiness gleaming in your eyes, we stood watching you till the bus was there and you dragged your trolley along and then you went, house seemed empty without you there was no one to make noise it seemed as if time has stood still and then there was wait for You to come back ,,
When you came back the first thing which you asked me was I must have enjoyed in your absence I was taken aback it seem you had missed pizza ,French fries and gadgets and made to do lots of chores but you were back with different memories which was more important ad yes that you were back home what more do I need ?
ya missed you son
With lots of love