Thursday, January 22, 2015

A precious gift which baffled me - Letter for Advay 6

Dear Advay ,
Yesterday you gave me something which was neatly packed and told me to open it ,I was shocked and happy too as for the first time you were giving me something as a present . Though I was excited I was quiet gentle while opening the present .When I took out the wrapping I was bemused as inside it I could see a rectangular box made of paper .I mused maybe inside you must have kept a small card but then you came and told me ,"Mummy that's all ." I asked you "what's this ?"
and then you said "it doesn't have anything inside it "

Then you took out something from the pencil box and gave me .It was a small glitter stone .You said ,"mummy this is for you."

You didn't waste a second .maybe you must have thought in school that mummy will be angry so will please her by giving this .I was not angry I was baffled ..I don't know what your intention was.You wanted to irritate me and then please  me too .You could have given me the box in school bus  but maybe you wanted perfect reaction from me and so the first thing which you did afer reaching home was to give me that .Your toothy smile said all. Whatever your intention was you succeeded in your prank I think so this is the result of reading too many Calvin & Hobbes btw I have kept the blue stone and ya its precious for me.
With lots of love