Wednesday, July 31, 2019

be who you are a reminder for my son

dear advay
this post is about why its okay to eat in bed sometimes
yes sometimes i do this after i have finished all the morning chores carry my breakfast in a tray pick the book i am reading search for my favourite pillow and sit back and read and eat or watch something that's how i slow down or ignore the lists looking back its perfectly normal to drive away sometimes i know you do the same by locking yourself in bathroom very frequently specially during weekends to stay away from the noise and the things to do we list down for you
i love hw you balance your reading and studies
be who you are
love mummy
sharing pic of aloo tikiya chaat which i had when you were in school

aloo tikiya chaat 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

phalahari aloo tikiya with chutney

every time my mother asks me did you apply henna a poem starts burning in my mind i think this is what memories does to me and now i have two poems on henna but this post is not about henna its about sawan month and the monday fasting.
yesterday i cooked phalahari aloo tikiya and paired it with dhania chutney
i mixed crumbled cottage cheese also in it for texture perfect with a glass of lassi on a lazy day
for aloo tikiya
in a mixing bowl mix two boiled potato with 100 gm go paneer half tsp of  red chilli powder and one tbsp of chopped coriander followed by pink salt as per taste
shape them in the form of patties and pan fry till brown from both sides
serve warm with chutney

phalahari aloo tikiya 

for chutney
in a blender add chopped coriander leaves one green chili one fourth tbsp ginger and pink salk as water as per required for blending.

Monday, July 29, 2019

a bowl of khichdi

a bowl of khichdi

since past few days i have been having sensitivity in one of the tooth so this menu was planned this weekend and paired with dhania chutney and baingan bharta
for moong dal khichdi

moong dal khichdi

two cup rice
one cup moong dal
salt as per taste
turmeric half tsp
for tempering
ghee one tbsp
cumin seeds one tsp
onion chopped small one

you can cook this in pressure cooker too i cooked this in tefal spherical pot rice cooker on porridge mode the time stated was one hr thirty minutes but this was ready in 40 minutes
for tempering heat ghee in non stick pan add cumin seeds and pinch of asafoetida once it starts spluttering add chopped onion and keep frying till brown and crispy
once the khichdi is cooked do the tempering and serve warm with bharta and chutney

Friday, July 26, 2019

the kachodi which reminds me of train journey

yesterday i had to go for poetry reading so the dinner for family had to be special matar paneer was on my mind i paired it with ajwain kachodi and kheer.
today morning i had the same kachodi with chai and i was reminded of those summer days when we would travel with the same kachodi in mithai box wrapped in foil and smeared with home made pickle few days back my sister shared the memory of going for movie and carrying allo paratha with us which i don't remember

sometimes i feel i only remember those things which my brain wants to remember.
recipe of matar paneer blogged here
recipe of ajawian kachodi blogged here
recipe of kheer blogged here

Friday, July 19, 2019

urad kachodi - the kachodi which travels

when ever i would travel by train when i was in college my mother would give me urad kachodi and pickle this time when i was traveling to Singapore my mother packed for me the same which lasted two days for me this kachodi is that kachodi which travels which reminds me of that home which waits for me quietly which asks me through yes when i would  be back knowing i will be back soon ,,
if this post makes you nostalgic check for the recipe in the archives for urad kachodi time for me to wake up advay who is enjoying few  more days of summer of 2019
recipe name urad kachodi

urad kachodi 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

for lazy summers alloo methi

i don't know if this recipe is there in my blog cooking with greens is something  which i have started recently
this simple sabzi of alloo methi doesn't take much time and can be cooked in few minutes

recipe name alloo methi
potato two chopped into small pieces
methi leaves washed and cleaned
mustard oil to cook one tbsp
salt as per taste
turmeric powder half tsp
garlic cloves two chopped
asafoetida a pinch
fenugreek seeds pinch
heat oil in non stick wok
once oil is hot add hing and fenugreek seeds let it splutter
now add the garlic cloves followed by salt and turmeric
after a minute add sliced potatoes and keep frying for few minutes
once potatoes are done add methi leaves and cook for a minute
serve warm with dal chawal or paratha