Wednesday, January 30, 2013

til gud ladoo for Sakat Chauth

Today is Sakat Chauth also known as Magh Ganesha Utsav /Ganesh Jayanti.
today God Ganapati is worshipped along with Moon

As per the tradition prepared Til Gud Ladoo for Naivedyam
and after the moonrise broke the fast with milk and boiled sweet potato.

recipe of til gud ladoo blogged here 
wish all the readers of Asan Khana happy festival
wish you all happy week ahead
take care and happy blogging

Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend cooking and eating

last post I blogged about the bread and the dough ,bread was baked

so that I could prepare something which was on my mind since a long time and thats what I did .I had never heard of Vada pav before coming to Singapore,maybe I had seen vendors selling this delicacy in stations of  Maharashtra  but I never thought of buying for myself, though I had seen passengers buying and eating the same ,i would happily settle down for nagpur oranges,those were the days now i really miss those train journey between Delhi to Bangalore .
Thanks to Blogopshere and the food bloggers for tempting me with the gorgeous pics since past few years,I had to try this ,

Coming back to today's post sharing with you all pictures of Vada Pav which i prepared inspired from blogopshere ,together with red chutney and green chutney truly savoured the meal like anything,

followed blog SizzlingVeggies for the batata vada and pav recipe
green  coriander chutney blogged here
tawa fried green chili blogged here
dry garlic chutney -red chuutney inspired from A bit of this and a bit of that
btw these pavs taste good with tea and coffee ,i loved them with my morning cup of coffee

thats all friends,wish you all greay week ahead
take care and happy blogging .

Friday, January 25, 2013

Preparation for the weekend ,...

Today I baked bread

prepared kalonji masala 
and kneaded dough and kept in freeze 
for the weekend 
Friday is busy day for me as I have to plan for the weekend ,so most of the time I do some preparation for the weekend and that's what I did today,sharing some make ahead preparation

dough for paratha /spinach paratha 
had spinach paste in freeze which I had prepared by boiling spinach leaves for 10 mins and then running the leaves through the blender.
In a mixing bowl add two cup wholewheat flour,salt,red chili powder,carom seeds and the spinach paste and knead to a smooth dough if needed add few drops of water and half tsp of oil.once done keep in an air tight in freeze.

For the Kalonji Masala/Bharwa Masala
cumin seeds one tsp
fennel seeds one tsp
carom seeds one tsp 
nigella seeds one tsp
fenugreek seeds four to six
asafoetida pinch 
Dry roast all the ingrdients listed above for five to seven minutes 
let it cool and then run through the blender 
store in air tight box .
this masala can be used to stuff brinjal,ladysfinger,bittergourd or for potatoes
for kalonji masala wale alloo/spiced potatoes with kalonji masala

potato sliced two
onion one chopped
garlic clove grated two
green chili chopped one 
salt as per taste 
kalonji masala one tbsp
red chili powder half tsp
turmeric powder half tsp
coriander powder half tsp 
garam masala powder one fourth tsp
mustard oil one tbsp
asafoetida pinch 
cumin seeds half tsp
mix kalonji masala with salt,red chili powder,turmeric power and coriander powder ,
add few drops of water ,keep aside.
heat oil in non stick wok/kadai/pan
once oil is hot add asafoetida followed by cumin seeds and let it splutter
lower the flame and add chopped onion followed by garlic and green chili
keep stirring till onion starts turning brown and add kalonji masala paste 
fry for a minute and the potatoes followed by garam masala powder 
cover and cook till the potatoes are done.
serve warm,tastes best with plain rice and dal,..
that's all friends,wish you all happy weekend
take care and happy blogging.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love to shop for Kitchen Gadgets then hop on to Cuponation

I am someone who loves to cook and is continuously on lookout for kitchen gadgets and utensils which make my life easy so when I saw the website Cuponation which provides thousands of working free discounts coupons and deals I was elated as they have coupons of all my favorite brands,ya I do love online shopping specially from sites like Flipkart which has awesome cook book collection from my favorite authors,some of which i will be adding soon in my cookbook collection ,
talking of kitchen gadgets Roti maker 
is on my wish list which can be easily bought by Cuponation as they provide free discount coupons.
Next on my wish list is this awesome Red and Black striped kitchen linen set from online shop Pepperfry which is again supported by Cuponation .
most of you must be knowing my love for home cooked biryani ,and when I saw this Handi
 on Pepperfry I knew that this gonna be in my kitchen one day,perfect to cook handi biryani or curry.
that's all friends,
take care and happy blogging and shopping 

hooked on Kababs - Chicken Shami Kabab with Spinach leaves

Last year when i learnt the art of making kababs and storing them in freezer so that they can be just taken out,defrosted ,reheated

and paired with paratha ,dal chawal or simply eaten as appetizer I didn't had any notion  that i would be so hooked to them that I  would be preparing this delicacy almost every month and ya guys that's what I have been doing so last month I prepared the same Chicken Shami Kabab

and while I was preparing the mince I saw the spinach leaves fresh from the market  in the kitchen ,so I took some chopped  spinach leaves and added in the mince while shaping out the patties ,

and paired the kababs with onion rings,lemon wedges coriander chutney and mint chutney ,try it guys ,you gonna be hooked too,...:-)
Recipe of Chicken Shami Kabab blogged here 
Recipe of Kashmiri Shami Kabab  and Bathua Raita blogged here
Recipe of Chicken Shami Kabab with Bari Chutney blogged here
Recipe of Chicken Shami Kabab Pizza blogged here 
Recipe of Mint and Green Mango Chutney blogged here 
Recipe of Dhania Chutney blogged here
Special thanks to Deeba of Passionate about baking ,Sangeeta of Banaras ka khana and
 For the love of yum for the detailed post on Kababs and for teaching me the art of making kababs ,.i owe it to you guys,,:-)
Thats all friends,wish you all happy week ahead
take care and happy blogging.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A new day and a new life -food fiction

Morning when I got up and looked in the mirror I saw the changes which had happened in me ,there were wrinkles on my skin,my skin looked pale and white and I almost look like a skeleton ,now I knew why I was not given the mirror even after repeatedly asking for it and why my hair was combed by my husband .I looked in despair at myself and then heard my sons scream in the background.
"Mumma look what I baked for you today"
I turned around holding the door and the clutches and saw him with a tray full of cupcakes and my favorite coffee.

My son looked so mature,two months  had matured him so much,he took my hand and guided me slowly to the coach my favorite area to sit in the house ,nothing had changed in the house ,everything looked the same
Still lost in my reverie  my son brought me back to the reality by giving me a envelope which was titled graduation day ,tears brimmed in my eyes when I read the card,we had been invited for the graduation ceremony ,so much had happened while I and been sleeping how they must have managed ,what about my family with so many questions going in my mind I felt as if I would collapse again ,..
"Mumma you know what I knew  that you would be fine one day"
I just shook my head and controlled my tears 
"Mumma I used to read your blog and felt as if you are talking to me , I would read your blog daily and  felt at peace and I learnt to bake cake too ,the one which you love to eat."
Me-" How's your papa?"
"He is fine ,we came every evening to meet you ,.."
Me-" but I have changed I am not the same I look so different ,like a ghost how can anyone love me now ?"
" Mumma you are back and that's the greatest gift to us from god ,you know what I never cried for you because I always felt that you would be back one day scolding me ,teaching me ,loving me,and caring for me like you always did ,..and ya now you  drink coffee or it will be cold ,dad will be coming soon and then we are going out for a drive ,,..:)"

I just sighed and smiled ya indeed life is back to normal but will I be fine and be the same PIa as I was two months  back before the accident which changed my life forever but when I  took a bite of the cupcake which my son had baked for me and saw the gleam in his eye I could see sunshine in the clouds and thanked god for giving me second chance to love and live again

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Awadhi Biryani with mint raita and kachumber

When I saw the recipe of Awadhi  Biryani on Sangeeta's blog i knew that i would be preparing the same soon and that's what I prepared today for dinner ,followed her recipe without any change substituted mutton with chicken drumsticks and relished it with onion tomato kachumber and mint raita

recipe of Biryani taken from here
recipe of mint raita taken from here
thanks a ton Sangeeta for sharing the recipe ,truly relished the meal like anything and the aroma while cooking worked like cooking therapy for me,,,;-)

that's all friends,
wish you all happy weekend
take care ,see you all soon

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Of tulsi chai and the kumbh mela

Today  is Makar Sankranti  and also the first day of the holy bath which takes place at Sangam in Prayag at the confluence of the three rivers .This year Maha  Kumbh Mela is hosted in Prayag my hometown.
Come January and I am nostalgic with the warm memories of the nights spent in makeshift tents near  Sangam sipping tulsi chai in kulhad prepared on the bonfire.I really miss those childhood days: when we sisters would snuggle near our Dadi and she would share stories .I felt like preparing the same Tulsi Chai today and relieving the memories of the days gone by,.
here goes the recipe as told by my mother

Recipe name Tulsi Chai
two cup water
one cup milk
sugar as per taste
tea leaves one tsp
half tsp crsuhed ginger
tulsi leaves four
cardamom two
Boil water in saucepan,once water starts boiling
add tulsi leaves,cardamom and ginger ,let it simmer for five minutes
add tea leaves and sugar and simmer for five minutes ,
add milk and simmer for five to 10 minutes .
serve hot with a bowl of roasted lotus seeds
thats how I sipped the tea ,munching lotus seeds and reading my favourite blog;-)
Bliss and perfect Me time for me,...;-)

Talking of Tulsi Leaves sharing
15 Benefits of Holy Basil
today its a tradition to prepare Khichdi ,I prepared the same and paired it with Boondi Raita,Grilled tomato chutney and Alloo Chokha..
Recipe of Chilke wali urad dal Khcihdi blogged here 
Recipe of Alloo chokha blogged here
Recipe of grilled tomato chutney blogged here
Recipe of Boondi raita blogged here 

Wish all the readers of Asan Khana Happy Pongal,Makar Sankranti,Uttarayan,Khichdi,Lohri,Magh Bihu and Maghi.
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thats all friends,take care
and wish you all Happy Days Ahead.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Chana Churmura Jor Garam

Today I finally stole some moments for  penning down my thoughts before the first month of the year ends,..
lately life has become so busy that I hardly get anytime to Blog and update either of the two space but since Advay's school is finally open I guess i gonna be more regular in Blogosphere ;-)
Today's post i will be sharing the recipe of Chana Jor garam which i prepared few days back or this one can be also coined Chana Churmura Jor Garam as i have combined both of them to prepare this ,this one is quick to prepare and tastes best with a cup of steaming hot chai.

Recipe name - Chana Churmura Jor Garam
Recipe of Churmura blogged here 
recipe remains the same as blogged above ,additional ingredients which I have added are
- half cup crushed chana jor garam
- one tbsp bhuna chana
- two tbsp khatta meetha mixture
mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and serve with Chai....

I also tried Bhadang recipe from Blogopshere ,,truly enjoyed the taste
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Thats all guys,wish you all happy days ahead...:-)
take care and happy Blogging,..:-)