Friday, October 31, 2014

Home Cooked Comfort food in Lyon

Its been 4 days since we reached here, now this place looks like home ,everything is at its proper place and there are some cosy corners too where I can sit back and relax. Now that home is set thought of cooking some simple meal as had been craving for home cooked meal since long so today dinner was plain rice ,chana dal ,allo bhujia ,salad and pickle.

Indian Comfort Food

Thankfully there was pressure cooker in the apartment so it was quiet easy didn't temper the dal ,bought rice and chana dal  from the local grocery store nearby they just had Cambodia rice which paired nicely with the dal and allo bhujia .For the salad mixed half tsp of red wine vinegar in a bowl of chopped onion and tomato sprinkled salt and pepper tossed nicely. Ya friends this was comfort food for me really felt satiated,..That's all guys will catch up with your blog soon,,take care and happy blogging

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lyon Dairy

It’s nice and warm here during daytime and there’s nip in the air evening time it’s been two days since we reached here so there’s still lots of things to be done I am just going with the flow and soaking in everything as if there’s no tomorrow ,home is still not organized things are still strewn around, regular cooking has to be started as since past two days we are managing with bread, butter, omelette and cheese just like people in France do . Since past few months life had been really hectic so after reaching here I have slowed down as for now there's no routine as Advay's school has not started

 ya I am excited about trip to farmers market to buy local vegetables along the riverside . I am loving this life specially when I wake up and see all kind of random buildings from the bedroom window my favourite being the church so guys will be updating on regular basis how I am coping up with life In Lyon. Asan Khana will be updated from Lyon now so now you all know why I was not there in blogosphere …

that’s all guys will catch up with you all soon ,.take care and happy blogging …