Monday, June 29, 2009

Update -Deadline extended for Shadi ki thali event

I am back from Lucknow with precious memories,everyday was like festival for us,right from the morning,meeting relatives,cousions,and feasting on delicacies prepared everyday,and now when I am back from there I am finding it so difficult to stay here alone with Advay,I guess with time I will adjust,and ya I am missing Pallavi lotz,.:-(
Coming back to todays post I gonna share pics of the mithais prepared during the shadi,these sweets are packed in cane baskets and sent to the grooms house after the bidai ceremony, sweets include Khaja
, Motichoor  ladoo and Balusahi.

Another tradition is to serve   rice with plain curd after the haldi ceremony to the bride and girls of the family.
I couldn’t click much pics as I was busy with so many other things,below pics are of Pallavis Mehendi.
This whole post is my entry for my own event Shadi Ki Thali  ,if u guys have anything to share do publish before 15th of July ya i have extended the deadline from 30th of june to 15th of July.Thats all frens will catch up with your posts soon,delhi weather has gone worse,heat is terrible,and powercut too frequent,Lucknow was the same but with everyone around we were too busy to think about the weather,Lucknow is famous for kababs ,i tried shami kabab,boti and galoti kabab everything was awesome and  papdi chat and kulfi falooda from Moti mahal restaurent yummy it was ,missed eating tundey ka kabab,..:-( maybe next time,both hubby and Advay enjoyed a lot ,specially Advay as there were so many kids of his age to play with him,...i will be back with more pics and recipes soon,..:-)