Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Open Letter for Advay -3

Yesterday was special for you and us . Yesterday you went to swimming class alone without me ,your class teacher was there ,your friends were there but I was not there . Since past few yrs I had been taking you for the classes waiting for you till the class is over helping you with clothes and finally getting you home . I couldn't accompany you yesterday as the class was organised by school . I was stressed since past one week how you will manage without me ,will you be able to change into swimwear on your own or not , whether after the class you will get all your things or not what if you forget anything there and so many other worries . But you proved me wrong . When I went to pick you up and saw the smile on your face I was happy  . You told me that you truly enjoyed the class they didn't had board but had noodle so you managed there was just one suggestion from you "mummy for the next class please don't make me wear so many clothes it's difficult to remove " and ya you didn't missed anything you got everything back . So now I know that you can take responsibility of your things when I am not around and you had a day with too much adventure that's why you looking forward for the class .
Happy for you & thanks for proving me wrong 
p.s.- the above picture was clicked in your school when I had gone to drop you.