Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another spicy treat from Ushas space,..;-)

When i prepared Hyerabadi Mutton Biryani from Ushas space i knew that i would be trying recipe of Hyderabadi chicken biryani from her blog soon and thats what i did today for dinner,...together with chicken shorva,fresh pomegranate in curd,..combo was yum,..thanks again Usha for sharing such yummy recipes in your space,
..i followed her recipe from scratch except for the last part ,i followed the procedures mentioned in my mutton biryani post ie the layering technique .

Usha has shared recipe for chicken shorva too,this is how i prepared


two to three pieces of chicken

onion one chopped lengthwise

cumin seed half tsp

salt as per taste

red chilli powder half tsp

turmeric powder a pich

freshly grounded black pepper a pinch

corinader powder half tsp

half tsp oil to cook


heat oil in non stick wok

add cumin seeds oce they start spluttering

add chopped onions and keep frying till onions start changing their colour

now add salt,turmeric powder,black pepper powder,red chilli powder and coriander powder

keep stirring till oil is seen along the sides now add chicken pieces and fry further for few minutes

add half cup of water and cover and cook

once done remove from flame and serve hot with roti or biryani.

for fresh pomegranate in curd-beat curd and add fresh pomegranate seeds,i didnt add any seasoning to the mix and ya believe me it was perfect.

Pomegranate in curd is my another entry for FIC pink hosted by Priya and started by Sunshinemom of Tongueticklers.
Thats all frens tk cr,..cee u all soon,.:-)