Monday, May 11, 2009

Teekha kori rotti or bari chutney thande raitha or lassi ke sath.

Since past few days our meal was just salad and fruits, so today thought of preparing something spicy for lunch, further there were guests coming home for lunch, which was another reason for me to prepare a spread, I wanted to try something regional, so browsed through the net for the recipes and finally zeroed in for Kori Roti recipe which is taken from here,

traditionally eaten with roti in Managlore which is crisp rice flake preparation, but we enjoyed spicy curry with cranberry flavoured fried rice,onion tomato raita and bari chutney.

For Cranberry flavoured rice- prepare rice the usual way or leftover rice can be used to,heat oil in a nonstick wok,add pinch of cumin seeds, handful of chopped onions, half of chopped green chili,pinch of salt, keep frying till the onions start changing colour, I fried till the onions were brown ,now add cooked rice ,mix well followed by pinch of pink colour and dried cranberries. Mix well and serve warm with curry of your choice


Bari chutneyAnita of Mad tea party has described in this post what BARI is,only difference is she calls them wadi,and her wadis are from Amritsar :-)
Sharmila of Kichu KHON has shared in this post how to prepare Bori also known as Mungaudi.
This is how I  prepared chutney
Mix togeter one or two spiced bari, coriander leaves chopped ,garlic 3 cloves, salt  as per taste,run through the blender, Chutney is ready.
onion tomato raita- beat curd ,mix chopped onion and tomato.add pinch of salt and red chili powder.
These days my morning cup of tea is replaced by glass of Lassi,I keep experimenting with different ingredients which I can add in curd and run through the blender,but one thing which remains most of the time same is Malai wali lassi.
This lassi reminds me of a small market in my hometown where this kind of Lassi was sold in large kulhad topped with malai and so thick that we needed spoon to finish it off,I tried to recreate the same at home,but couldn’t prepare that thick which we get in the market .
This is how I did,- add almonds,sugar, kewra water essence to curd and run through the blender,once done transfer to the serving glass and top it with fresh malai.
Malai wali lassi is ready to be indulged,..enjoy,..

event entry
BARI CHUTNEY goes to my friend SOWMYAS EVENT Swc cooking with green event started by lakshmi of cooking station.
MALAI WALI LASSI  goes to Pritis space where she is on with Festive food SUMMER TREAT.
 Bari chutney,malai wala lassi,onion tomato raita and cranberry fried rice goes to 15 minute cooking event hosted by Mahima.
Take care friends ,..ceeu all soon,..;-