Friday, November 13, 2009

Another kitchen experiment of mine -Mutton Biryani in Vindallo paste

Today when I was waiting downstairs for Advay’s van

I could feel the cold breeze ,with no sun just clouds,bit drizzling now and then weather today was of any normal winter morning of Delhi, I was thinking what to prepare for lunch as weather was forcing me to have something hot and spicy, first thing first checked in freeze,there was some leftover amul cream, leftover Vindaloo  masala paste which my sister Pallavi had got from her Goa trip ,keeping these two ingredients in my mind I thought of preparing Mutton Biryani .Since both Neha and mother were out shopping and Advay in school i had just two hours to prepare the biryani since I was alone at home,so thought of giving surprise to neha,ya guys everyone in our home is foodie and we all luv home made food specially when it comes to non veg food  I prefer to cook at home as that ways hygiene is maintained and I can control what to add and what not.
Before I forget Many thanks to Kalyani and Key bunch team for sending over the handcrafted  cushions,docheck in Kalyanis  stuff here
 ,I got them today noon they look so bright and comforting don’t they ya that’s my study area during night when Advay

sleeps off;-),and ya i ahve to tell how i got them my comment was chosen for the Diwali Giveway Handmade Cushion Covers from Kye…Coming back to recipe this is how I  prepared
Mutton Biryani in Vindallo paste

Ingredient needed  for the Marination
Goat or lamb meat 250gm
Amul cream or fresh cream one tbsp
Goan vindaloo masala paste two tbsp.
Other ingredient for the mutton
Onion five chopped lengthwise
One whole garlic pod chopped
Ginger one inch chopped
Salt as per taste
Ghee two tbsp
Refined oil one tbsp
Khada masala/whole masala
Cumin seeds one tsp
Pepper corn eight
Bay leaves two
Dried red chili three
Star anise two
Black cardamom  three
Cinnamon stick one
For the rice
Rice one cup
Yellow food colour a pinch
Green Cardamom two.
Crush ginger garlic in hand mortar and pestle and keep aside
Mix cream and vindallo masala with meat and keep aside.
Boil rice with cardamom ,add yellow colour once done and mix well .Keep aside.

Heat ghee in non stick wok, once hot lower the flame and add the khada masalas.
Once they start spluttering add hand crushed ginger and garlic .
Followed by the chopped onions and keep frying till the onions start changing their colour.
Add refined oil if the onions start sticking to the vesseL.
Once the onions are done add the marinated mutton and cover and cook on low flame.
If needed add few drops of water and let it simmer for few minutes.
Once done remove from flame and mix with the prepared rice.
Serve hot with raita of choice and some papad,I enjoyed with cucumber tomato raita and fried potatoes.
Platter looks yum isn’t it,…I just hope Neha likes it,..;-)