Sunday, April 29, 2012

Morning cup of Coffee and #Shot4Shot

the first thing i do when i get up is to prepare morning cup of coffee ,i just mix one tsp of instant coffee powder with half tsp of sugar add half cup of water and microwave it for a minute after a minute i add one fourth cup of milk and microwave it further for a minute ,thats all my morning cuppa is ready to get me started for the day.

if i get up early then  i have the luxury of enjoying the cuppa sitting on one corner of my couch and my ipad on the lap browsing the newspaper or my mail or my favourite blog .

but if there's hardly any time then i have to just keep the mug on the dining table have a sip or two and then continue with my chores which includes waking up Advay ,and so many other things and in between come back have a sip or two again thats how my week days are,..:-) from Monday to Friday.
There are days when i go to the nearby Cafeteria and enjoy my morning coffee /kopi with Kaya toast

So when I saw the post of Kristen of Dine and Dish and Tracey Clark of Shutter Sisters who are teaming up for Global Immunization Week with the United Nations Foundations Shot@Life campaign in a project to make vaccines accessible to children everywhere.
I thought of sharing my Cup of Coffee too,..;-)
Their goal is to raise awareness and funds so that vaccines are accessible for everyone.
They have invited everyone to join them for a week of coffee,creativity and giving kids a shot of life.They are encouraging us to share the mug shots (#mymugshot) of morning shot of coffee ( #shotofcoffee) with them on
Instagram,Flickr,Facebook,Twitter and or Blog.Capture and share with them for #Shotforshot..
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thats all friends,wish you all Happy weekend,.
take care and happy blogging.