Tuesday, February 11, 2014

yet another harried weekend cooking story

These days I don't remember whats the date ,only when I am making my son do his homework I check the  phone for the date or I ask him,ya life has been so busy lately but still I manage to read books,listen to songs,paint and do other things which make my soul happy :-)
When my weekdays are like this you guys can imagine about weekend I have to time everything this much time for cooking ,then two hours for sitting with my son for the homework and test preparation and thus it goes on, this weekend I thought of preparing masala omelet as had some wholewheat buns so the breakfast was planned in a minute thankfully had some eggs in the fridge and green mango and mint chutney paired with a big mug of coffee
by noon after slogging off with my son for two hours I had to plan the lunch ,had thawed goat meat so thought of preparing the same ,this one is a real simple recipe with Shan Pulao Biryani Masala which I always keep in the pantry for such situations this is how I prepared the curry
Recipe name Mutton Curry with Shan Pulao Biryani Masala 

Ingredient for the marination 
goat meat 500 gm
half packed of shan pulao biryani masala
curd half cup
Ingredient for the curry 
paste of two onion
sliced onion one
ginger paste three tbsp
garlic paste three tsbp
tomato one cubed
green chili one sliced
cumin seeds half tsp
oil to cook one tbsp
In a mixing bowl mix the goat meat with the shan pulao biryani masala and curd ,
keep aside.

heat oil in non stick wok ,once hot lower the flame add cumin seeds,
once it starts spluttering add the ginger garlic paste
keep stirring till it starts changing colour
once it is brown add the sliced onion followed by the onion paste
keep stirring till it becomes brown and oil is seen along the sides
add the marinated goat meat and keep stirring for 5 to 10 minutes
cover and cook for 15 minutes
(,in those 15 minutes prepare rice,clean utensils and cut salad)
after 15 minutes add the cubed tomato and green chili let it simmer for 10 minutes
transfer the content to a pressure cooker and pressure cook for one to two whistles
(dont wash the wok in which meat was cooked if preparing jeera rice )
serve warm with bowl of Jeera rice and readymade paratha :-)
ready made paratha is always there for such situations in my fridge :-)

For the Jeera rice 
cooked rice one cup
onion one sliced
cumin seeds half tsp
salt as per taste
oil to cook
how I prepared
heat one tsp oil in the same wok in which meat was cooked add cumin seeds and let it splutter
add sliced onion and let it brown evenly add pinch of salt and cooked rice
fry for five minutes and serve warm with the curry.

If by any chance you have leftover meat curry use it next day as pizza topping just the way I did,
thaw the dough for two hrs,roll it out spread pizza sauce on it followed by shredded curried goat meat and mozarella cheese
bake in a preheated oven for 10 minutes till its done.
and ya after having this my son was satiated.:-)
thus this ends another harried weekend cooking story
thats all guys see you all soon
wish ya great week ahead