Thursday, September 30, 2010

Iced Cookies - inspired from Daring Bakers

I still remember those days when Advay was a year old ,i had just started blogging,fascinated by the blogosphere i used to sit with laptop in the night time to bloghop,and to publish my posts.Night was just meant for blogging because day time  was spent with Advay and doing so many other things.
Now when Advay is three and half yr old i have to think of new ways to keep him busy everyday ,specially with his term break on ...:-)
Yesterday i thought of involving him with cookie cutting and decorating,he has done this before with iced cupcakes,we both were excited ,me because for the first time i was going to ice cookies,since past few days i have seen designer cookies everywhere in blogosphere ,i had to try this,i had prepared myself for the baking disaster if anything happened,Advay was excited to paint the butterflies.

Recipe adapted from Joy of baking.\
For this recipe prepared royal icing using egg whites.
i have halved the ingredients,for a first timer its the best thing to do,
Prepared royal icing kept in airtight container

Prepared dough for cookies and kept in refrigerator

In the mean time prepared dinner of palak paneer and chapati,..:-)Preheat oven to 110-120 degree centigrade

by the time dinner was ready dough was ready to be cut into cookies.Advay helped me

baking temperature 110-120 degree centigrade
baking time 2-4 mins
oven -  convection oven

for the first tray i just kept six cookies,was quiet apprehensive u guys can understand
for the second load kept 24 butterfly shaped cookies.

once done remove on wire rack to cool down

tint royal icing with pink and blue colour
spread the icing on the cookies
decorate with edible silver ball,chocolate vermicelli,,.

we both thoroughly enjoyed cookie cutting,baking and decorating the cookies.
Felt good because both hubby and Advay liked the cookies,..
platter of iced cookies is off for Bake Off event at Champas space
Thanks to Daring bakers for inspiring me or i wouldnt have tried these,..;-)
sorry for bad clicks,..:-( i knw they r not good,.
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thats all guys ,cee u all soon,..happy weekend ahead,..