Friday, August 20, 2010

Dinner Roll from Raks Kitchen

Morning was not feeling good,blamed it to the rain,as i woke up with running nose and swollen eyes,had to eat medicine so thought of quick breakfast of butter toast and coffee,did me good,:-) as the weather is  quiet pleasentt  today  went for walk and soon it was time to fetch Advay,came back fresh and saw this recipe of

Garlic Bun in Raks Kitchen blog,who had tried from My Singapore Kitchen blog, now i had to try this today
ya i was bit scared as i am still not used to of the new oven ;-( and i am so glad i did,my buns turned out to be more like dinner rolls ;-(

i didnt do any topping as i just wanted plain ones  to have with hot rasam which my neighbour has  sent me no guys i didnt tell her that i was sick in the morning :-)
Thanks a ton Raks Kitchen and My Singapore Kitchen for posting this,maybe next time this will look more like bun,.:-)
these dinner rolls join the Potluck Party at Nupurs space
and ya my singapore frens dont forget about the call for cause- share your meal its starts from tomorrow ,thats all frens cee you all soon wish you all happy weekend ahead