Friday, January 30, 2015

My Tribute and Salute to Col MN Rai

No,I didn't know about Martyred Colonel M N Rai unless I read the news when he was killed by the terrorists, then yesterday when I saw his daughter crying and saluting him in the pics  I was moved to the core I felt the pain and my heart was filled with immense sadness so this is my Tribute to and Salute to him straight from my heart .

My Tribute and Salute

He saw them approaching
With a wintry smile
So it was time to decide
To do or die.
He knew they would
Be seeking release
So he went armed
To slain them all.
He had some
Strings attached
With his family in his heart
But the love for the country
Was greater than all.
So he killed
And was killed
But the war is still on
He is gone forever
And there's pain in our heart.
To keep us safe and warm
In our hone with hearth
He gave his life
With no fear in his mind .
So this is my salute
To you and all
For your bravery
You will be
Always  in our heart.