Monday, February 27, 2017

Words which melt your heart a curry and a letter

Dear Advay
Yet like any other weekend I was toiling in the  kitchen so that by 1 pm food is ready you walked in silently and saw me frying onions I told you to open the window so that you don't cough and then you told me " mummy maybe the fragrance of food will cure me "
These words son melted me took me somewhere I was not cooking any thing special simple alloghost curried meat with potato and missi roti because weekends I try hard to put a decent meal on the table
Not because that's what is expected but because I love too

Recipe of allo ghost is blogged
Recipe of missi roti is blogged here
And thanks a ton for your visits to the kitchen makes me happy

Friday, February 24, 2017

another festival which awashed me with memories - MahaShivratri

Another festival which takes me afar
I remember going to temple
And the mela and the rides
I remember it all
Morning I told my son
Today its shivratri

But nobody told us
We knew there would be Shiva songs
On the street queue before temple
But now things have changed I need
To tell him
And I tell because that's how
Stories are shared memories is made
How can I end this just because
I am not in my country
And this is what your mother had
For breakfast
Fried makhana and chai

Thursday, February 23, 2017

a soupy letter and other things for Advay

Dear advay
I know again it took me so many days to come here and write to you , what triggered this can be many things
- I am reading letters home by Sylvia Plath , I loved the way the book starts innocence of words excitement of new place its like listening to her yes words have that effect
- yesterday at bus stop you told me you had slight irritation in your throat and I told you why didn't you tell your father because being a doctor he can tell you better but your answer saddened me when you said he said its nothing and the way you said I could see it ,evening when your father was back I told him and he had look of guilt on his face the thing is dear son you are just like me direct , you don't keep anything but if you feel bad you never forget it.
- when you came back from school you had slight cold you asked me to cook soup I could understand why you asked last time when your father was sick I had cooked the same so maybe now you know if you are sick its soup but you are lucky I don't have such memory we would eat the same food cooked and there was no one to ask but lets not go there now just in case in future you have the craving to eat
It was mutton do pyaza which I had made soupy  sharing recipe below

Mutton pieces 4
Onion two chopped
Ginger one fourth chopped
Garlic six chopped
Salt as per taste
To temper
One tbsp mustard oil
Pinch of asafoetida
Cumin seeds one tap
Bay leaves two
Crushed red chilli one
To be added later
Coarsely pounded  cardamom one  black pepper six
Clove five and kebab chini
Pinch of turmeric and garam masala

heat oil in non stick wok
Add tempering ingredients followed by
Chopped onion ginger and garlic
Let it brown once translucent
Add mutton pieces let it cook for 10 minutes
After that add powdered masala salt
Coarsely pounded whole spices
Stir nicely and one cup of water
Pressure cook for five to ten minutes
Serve warm with wholemeal bread ..